How do you find the best photographer near you

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How do you find the best photographer near you

There are many ways you can search for the best photographer near you. Here are some suggestions I have for you as a portrait photographer in the industry that knows the ins and outs of how the photographer industry works. 

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Where to Search for the best photography studio near you

You can find your photographer near you by asking your friends on Facebook

There are possibly hundreds of photographers in your immediate area. You can start by asking your neighbors or friends. If you put a post on Facebook asking for your friends to recommend a good photographer, you will quite possibly get hundreds of “Me too” responses. Be careful though. You are most likely to get a list of photographers who are just starting our or will not have a lot of experience with real people or with the kind of portrait you want to get captured. 

Don’t forget to check out if they have a Facebook page and are active on the page. Look for their website, their phone number, how to contact them, and see if they have reviews from their clients posted. That’s usually a good indicator of a quality photographer. If you don’t see a Facebook page for the photographer, then it is most likely not a professional studio. Be careful, there are plenty of fakes out there. 


Do a Google Search for the best portrait photographer studio in your area

The other way you can look for a professional photographer near you is by searching on Google. Here you may get a better listing but be sure to scroll to page 2 or 3 or 10 on Google so that you can an accurate listing of photographers near you, and not just those who have good SEO on their website. You can also look at the Reviews page on their Google Profile to see what others have said that has been photographed by that particular photographer.


YOu can also find your Photographer on Instagram

You can also do a search on Instagram, especially if you are looking for a boudoir photographer because Facebook and Google are both known to be protective of pg13 results. Instagram is a little bit more liberal with the boudoir photographers and so most will gravitate their efforts there. 


YOu can also find your Photographer on Instagram

The probably best way to search for the best photographer for you is using all 3 results and looking for first for a business who has been recommended by your friends and neighbors, a studio that has 4.5 review score on Google, who is a registered business, and a photographer who’s work you love after seeing their Instagram and website gallery.  


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