Love Yourself Boudoir Photoshoot

Limited Series Love yourself
Transformational Boudoir Photoshoot

Limited Series Boudoir Photoshoot Experience For Women Over 30 who have been scared to do it and are ready to step into your feminine power, and unleash your sexy!

It's time to step into your feminine power and unleash your sexy! #loveyourself

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Last year I did “Love The Skin You’re In” project and it was a huge success. I met so many incredible women who have found the courage and transformed their lives with a photoshoot with me. This year I am celebrating my 41st birthday, and because I am leaving my 30s and entering my 40s, I have decided to bring together women over 30 who want to celebrate my birthday with me, get a bunch of gifts from me, and win a boudoir photoshoot worth of $4,000!!! So excited!

why should I do this?

  To acknowledge that loving yourself isn’t being selfish.

To do something empowering for yourself.

To remind yourself that you are worth it.

To stand in your own power, strength, and love.

To honor what makes you beautiful and unique.

To embrace every freckle and line no matter of your age and size.

To fall in love with the woman you see in the mirror.

To feel more positive, to improve your health, and manifest your dreams.

To share your story and to help others do the same.

What Our Client's Say


“I live with an autoimmune disorder and psoriasis is one of the symptoms. people usually hear that and just think “dry red skin”. my body is 90 percent covered. (even more than this photo). it’s not so simple. it robs you of your confidence. It makes you want to hide.
Haha, you wear sweatshirts in Tampa when it’s 100 degrees! it makes even simple things like wearing clothes or showering difficult. dealing with balding, not being able to put on makeup, God bless if you can sleep through the night without scratching, till you bleed…or being able to actually go for a run.
All of that to say, I know people struggle with this and don’t say anything. SO thank YOU Allie, for giving me a voice and making me feel like a human again. 💕.
PS: Thank you Sarah for being strong, for trusting Allie for capture your true beauty, and for sharing your story with the world. You are an inspiration to many.”

Client: Sarah 
Makeup: Allie Serrano
Photography: Allie Serrano

Lexie McKay

“Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.” – Toni Morrison
#lovetheskinyourein 🖤

This project was so empowering for me🖤 It definitely broke me out my cancer shell. 🤫 I hope you’re inspired to love your skin. I appreciate the collab and Allie Serrano thank you for having me part of your vision and teaming up with RoyalTee Magazine for #Rebirth shoot. Thank you Janelle J’Nelle Richardson for putting her on my radar.

Client: Lexie McKay & Royaltee Magazine
Makeup: Edwinie Francois
Stockings: My Sister’s Secrets
Jewelry: Tenique Designs
Hair: Beauty Celestin

J'Nelle Richardson

“There is so much to look back at and see. I watch myself. Observing everything this body has been through. I am both the audience and the participant in this hiptwist. The plot is thickening. I see me in ways only I can see and applaud this performance with a standing ovation from myself. I’ve memorized these lines, sang these curves, studied every inch of this skin. I am a master of this craft. This body. This ebony. I am loving the show. Thank you to my team for bringing out more of the Queen in me and allowing me to love the skin I’m in everyday.”
Photography: Allie Serrano
Hair: Jessica Smith
MUA: Edwinie
Nails: Yolanda Ortiz
Written by: Clyla Destiny Boykin

Julie Shopa

Since she was 30 years old, Julie has told me she had a dream of re-creating images she got done at 30 years old. She is a businesswoman, so capturing images that she is comfortable sharing was important to her. 

But moreover, she wanted to feel as sexy and beautiful as when she was young.

Julie loves her portraits, the overall experience, and she was overjoyed by the images we captured.

Client: Julie Shopa
Photographer: Allie Serrano

Adrianne Warnsley

“I am 45 years old and I am absolutely just ecstatic about where I am in life, I am doing it up at 40 and I just feel absolutely amazing.

I want to do this so that other women can see how you can be 45, you can be beautiful, you can express who you are, and you can wear your inside on your outside. You can be as wonderful as you know you are.

It was amazing. I’ve never had portraits captured of me before, this was a new experience. I love playing dress-up and having someone actually record of me playing dress up, it was beautiful. I am so happy. It was exciting and it was just worth every minute.”

Client: Adrianne Warnsley
Photographer: Allie Serrano


About Us

Allie Serrano is a portrait photographer originally from the Czech Republic, currently living in the USA. She creates magazine-styled portraits empowering women (men too), giving them more confidence in business and in life, and celebrating those they love the most.

“As a little girl, I loved playing dress-up with my sister. I grew up having read hair and I was bullied for that. So, it is not surprising that today as a portrait photographer I have a burning desire to lift the confidence in everyone I meet, to change the world through beautiful portraits, to impact the world around me, and to tell the stories of the most incredible people I meet along the way. I can’t wait to meet you and tell your story with a portrait :-)”

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