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"It's your day to get pampered, empowered and feel confident."

As the owner of Allie Serrano Portraits as well as a professional portrait photographer, I want to show women that they don’t have to hide anymore. I was bullied as a child for having red hair and I know how you feel. But I am here to tell you that you are an exceptional woman. My goal is to empower you to feel good about yourself, confident in your own skin, and very beautiful.

That’s why I design a luxury photoshoot experience where you get styled and pampered. It’s a day all about you. Your hair and makeup will be styled by a professional stylist, you play dress-up as you try on beautiful gowns and dresses that you get to keep after the photoshoot, and have fun to be photographed.

We dance and laugh, and I guide you to look and feel confident in each image. In the end, you walk away feeling empowered and in love with incredible magazine-style images and portraits. It’s so much fun!

photoshoot experience,
before and after client with a wall portrait

Portraits of Magazine quality

they are not just photos, they are visual masterpieces

I want every image of you to be absolutely incredible. These are not just photos; they are visual masterpieces that tell compelling stories, capture emotions, and define moments in a way that only the most prestigious portrait photography studio can achieve.

With portraits of magazine quality, you gain the power to redefine how you present yourself to the world. Whether it’s for your personal portfolio, professional branding, or a special occasion, each portrait conveys your unique essence with unparalleled elegance and impact and exudes a level of artistry, precision, and sophistication that takes your breath away. As the owner of a professional portrait photography studio and having over 18 years of experience, I along with my team of professional makeup artists, hair stylists, photo assistants, and post-processing experts, work tirelessly to ensure that every portrait meets the exacting standards of the world’s most renowned magazines and wall art that will last a lifetime.

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