Frequently Asked Questions

Allie Serrano Headshot Start the new year 2022 with a photoshoot


Don’t be nervous. Most of our clients feel that way and they love the experience at the end. We will address all your concerns, guide you every step of the way, and during the photoshoot Allie will guide you to look your best.


Have nothing to wear? No problem. As a part of the photoshoot experience we will help you to find the best wardrobe for you, go shopping with you, or order something online. Or, you can pick out gowns and dresses from our studio wardrobe 🙂


That’s absolutely fine. You can wear clothing you are the most comfortable in and look your best. We will help you to pick out something fabulous.


This is exactly why we have a consultation with every one of our clients. Allie will chat with you, look at examples in our gallery and find out what inspires you. We will style the final looks together. 

How long does the photoshoot last?

The entire process lasts 2-4 hours. The first 1 hour is the professional makeup, then we spend about 30 minutes going over the wardrobe you brought and putting it all together, and the photoshoot itself lasts 1-2 hours depending on the type of session.

How far out should I book my photoshoot?

We are currently booking 1 month out up to maximum of 6 months out from the date of the consultation.

Do you work on weekends?

We are open one Saturday per month. It is a premium booking and requires a $4000 deposit which will go towards your purchase. We are closed on Sundays. 

What will my investment be?

My commission fee is $750. My packages start at $1,500. Each client has different product needs, from albums to wall-art. The average client spends $3 – 8K. What you buy is totally up to you. You don’t have to choose until your reveal session

Can I get digital copies of my images?

Yes of course. You will receive a digital copy of every portrait you select and if you want just digitals, that’s fine too. The cost is the same. But remember, your hard drive will crash, your phone will break, and your computer may get a virus, but the portrait on your wall will always be with you. 

What products do you offer?

We offer Wall Art, Folio Boxes, Albums, and much more. Above you can see product options and starting rates. If you’d like to see everything in person, let’s schedule a time with Allie for you in the studio and chat. Also, you can visit our products page and see descriptions there.

After the portrait session, how will I see my images?

You will be scheduled for a reveal order session in our studio or via Zoom within a few days after your session (usually 5-7 days later). With this system, you are able to see your images larger than life in order to appreciate the fine details and give you confidence that you have made the right decision. The reveal session usually lasts about an hour. We also make sure your decision makers are there with you.

Will my images be retouched?

When you see the portraits during the reveal session, we will have made the basic retouching to show you close to the final product. However, additional enhancement to soften facial lines and remove blemishes can and will be done prior to placing the portrait order. Retouching is included in the total cost of the portrait. Also, if you select the painted portrait finish, that’s added after the Reveal Session as well.

How long will it be once I place my order for me to receive my products?

Depending on your choice of framing, or type of session, your order should be ready for pick up between four to six weeks, unless otherwise noted.

DO you offer any type of Guarantee?

Yes, absolutely. We want your portrait to last you a lifetime so we offer a Lifetime Guarantee for your portraits against fading of the original color and/or brilliance. Also, we offer an Exchange Program, so if you lose weight or have another child after your portrait has been captured, we offer to exchange it for no additional cost to you. EXCEPTION: it is our recommendation that portraits not be displayed in direct sunlight to prevent fading. Those that are will not be covered under this warranty.

How do I book my photoshoot?

You can either fill out a request form at the top of this page (Book Your Photoshoot) or call us at (813) 501-71250. Should you receive our voicemail system, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also text us.