Photo Restoration

As Florida’s leading portrait studio, our goal is to give you a portrait you can take with you for many decades to come. This also includes photo restoration services. If you have an old photograph or an old art piece, and you would like to bring it back to life, we can help.

Photo Restoration Services

When it comes to photo restoration, we are able to fix the obvious problems, image rips and tears, faded colors, and colorization. In addition, we comb through your images pixel-by-pixel and repair damage bringing back the important part of the photo, the people that we lost.

  • Scanned Photographs
  • Repair all damage
  • Fix faded colors
  • Colorization / B&W
  • Rips and tears
  • Spots / dust
  • Bring back some details

Art Restoration Services

When it comes to art and paintings, we are able to use some of the expert vendors we work with to bring back the painting or restore certain parts of the painting that is getting lost or damaged:


cleaning; stretching and flattening; puncture and tear mending; revarnishing; relining of canvases; paint consolidation; inpainting; mold removal

Works on Paper, Documents, and Books

flattening; cleaning; deacidification; retouching; repairs of tears and holes; water and other stains removal; fumigation; repairing bookbinding


Photographs – cleaning; deacidification; digital reconstruction; repairs of tears; removal from substrates

From Photos to Paintings

In addition to restoration, we are also able to take your photo and convert it to a painting. The process we use is a digital painting so it is important for the photo or photos to be of a high enough quality.

Photographic Oil Painting

This process involves of us taking a portrait we have captured, proceed with a digital painting, and from there the art will go to canvas, and after the painting is set, we go with a brush ad add more brush strokes to the top of the painting completing the entire process. Thus, we are able to turn a simple photograph into a masterpiece portrait that will last you a lifetime.