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Customer Rewards Program "Allie Points"

Welcome to Our Customer Rewards Program

Welcome to our exclusive Customer Rewards Program! At Allie Serrano Portraits, we believe that our valued customers deserve more than just exceptional products and services – they deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty and trust. That’s why we have designed a special rewards program that goes beyond the ordinary and gives you a reward for every kindness you show.

Earn your allie points

We give you a chance to earn your Allie Points and get rewarded with gifts, credits, complimentary images, and much more. As a client and a friend of the studio, you will earn points with every purchase and share, which can be redeemed for a wide array of rewards. Join us today and embark on a journey of appreciation, where every interaction with our brand becomes an opportunity to earn and enjoy fantastic rewards!

Gift Cards

10 Ways to Earn your Allie Points

what is a qualified referral

A qualified referral is a person or a company you refer to Allie Serrano Portraits who:

    1. Is interested in booking a photoshoot with Allie Serrano Portraits
    2. Pays the appropriate booking deposit to secure the photoshoot

how many points do I get

1 Allie point = 50 cents
1,000 Allie Points = $100
Allie points are not payable in cash but via a Studio credit

How do I Submit My points to You

  • When you’re ready, fill out a form and tell me your activity to redeem your points
  • Include the activity and date
  • We accept activities from the beginning of 2023
Customer Rewards points, Allie points

How do I Redeem Allie Points

Simply let us know via email or book your next photoshoot

When you are ready to redeem your points, just give us a call.

(813) 501-7250

Allie Serrano, professional portrait photographer,

Allie Serrano

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