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Allie Serrano

Professional Portrait Photographer

About Allie serrano Portraits

professional portrait Photography studio in the Tampa bay, sarasota Area

Allie Serrano Portraits is a professional portrait studio located in Apollo Beach, close to Tampa. We serve the entire Tampa Bay and Sarasota area. As a professional portrait studio, our mission is simple. Our goal is to show women (and men) that they don’t have to hide anymore and to comfortably exist in photos. We want to inspire them and remind them that they are beautiful and confident. It fills our hearts when a woman we just photographed sees her portraits for the first time and says “Wow, I am beautiful.” At the end of the day, we will capture incredible portraits of you that you’ll love and that will empower you personally and professionally.

About Allie Serrano

Empowering Portrait Artist

Allie Serrano is a professional portrait photographer in Tampa Bay, Florida with over 18 years of experience. She is world-known and said to be one of the best portrait photographers in the area.

My Story

Who would have thought, that the thing that brought me so much pain would be the source of my biggest strength one day and give me the ability to change the lives of others?

My name is Allie Serrano. I was born in the Czech Republic, near Prague, in the heart of Europe. When I was little, I was bullied for having red hair. Other kids laughed at me and called me names for being different. This changed the way I saw myself. For years, I thought I was not good enough.

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My baby photos

Years later, in 2016, my best friend passed away from a brain aneurysm. Her passing impacted me in a big way. I never would have imagined that she would pass so young. It is also one of the frames that will always remain empty on my wall because I didn’t take the time to capture a portrait of her. It also made me realize that life is short and I finally saw that I need to start living my dream.

So, as an homage to my best friend, later that year I started my business and became a portrait photographer. I truly enjoy lifting the confidence in both women and men. I don’t want anyone to feel not good enough. Capturing the best possible portrait of them is very important to me. What if this is the last one they ever take?

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My best friend Jenanne

I use this in my portrait studio every single day. I take the time to connect with both men and women, I empower them with an exciting fully-guided photoshoot experience where they get pampered and enjoy being photographed. And I capture the best magazine-style portraits my clients have ever seen of themselves. I want everyone to truly matter and be remembered in the best light possible.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to do what I love. I am extremely thankful for all the trust my clients have placed in me and I can’t wait to photograph YOU!

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I am excited to connect with you, to photograph you, and to capture incredible magazine-quality images of you. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Watch my YouTube Channel as well.

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