Tampa Bay Real Producers Magazine Photoshoot

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Welcome to the page dedicated to Tampa Bay Real Producers magazine photoshoot. Here you can start planning your photoshoot, get inspired by viewing my Realtor Portraits Gallery, and more.

You deserve Images of magazine-quality

You and your business are too important to capture a regular image. If you want a magazine-quality portrait, you've come to the right place

Looking for realtor photoshoot pricing? You’ve come to the right place. What we offer is not just a regular headshot photoshoot. Your business is too important to be satisfied with the average results. If you want the extraordinary, worthy of the cover in a magazine, you’ve come to the right place.

Allie Serrano, professional portrait photographer,

who am i? About Allie Serrano

Hi, my name is Allie Serrano. I am a professional portrait photographer. I have worked with many top-producing realtors and other business owners all over Florida and beyond. I am excited to photograph you and capture incredible magazine-quality images for your feature and for your personal business use.

Realtor Portrait Gallery

Get Inspired by Images of Other Realtors

Our Guarantee

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You Will Look Great In Your Photos

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Photoshoot Experience

let's capture images worthy of your stature

What’s Included:

  1. Initial Phone Call
  2. Planning and Wardrobe Styling Consultation
  3. Real Producers covers a single-location 30-minute photoshoot
  4. Bring 1-3 Outfits to be photographed in
  5. Additional time and locations available to add on
    at $150 per 30 minutes per location
  6. Private Photo Reveal Appointment
  7. You will choose your 10-12 favorite photos to submit from which the magazine will choose several to run with your story
  8. You can purchase rights to all published and all other not published images (see pricing below)
  9. Signature Image Retouching
  10. Please post photos only after your issue comes out and only share photos that you have purchased

After the photoshoot, you and I will meet via Zoom to hand-select the images you’d like to be published with your feature. At this time you will also select which images you would like to purchase for yourself for your own marketing and personal use.

Realtor Photoshoot Pricing

Session Fee/Deposit

Photoshoot Valued at $625 at no cost to you

As a part of your being featured in the Tampa or Sarasota Real Producer Magazine, you are receiving a 30-minute 1-location photoshoot covered by the magazine. This is valued at $625 at no cost to you. You don’t have to pay a deposit, simply schedule a call with Allie to book the photoshoot over the phone.

Add more time and multiple locations
at $150 per 30-min per location

You are receiving a 30-minute 1-location photoshoot covered by the magazine. This is valued at $625 at no cost to you. If you’d like to add on additional time and locations and capture additional images for your marketing needs, that is available to you at $150 per 30 minutes per location.

Buy the rights to the published Images

The images you select will go to the magazine to be published. You can buy the rights to the published and other not published images at a special rate provided to you by the photographer, Allie Serrano Portraits. One fully retouched image is $300, a collection of 6 fully retouched portraits is $1,500, and a collection of 12 fully retouched portraits is $2,250.

schedule Your Initial Phone Consultation

Let’s schedule some time for us to talk. I like to schedule an initial phone consultation first, it will last about 10 minutes, and here we will set the timeline for the rest of the photo shoot experience. The next time we talk it will be via Zoom and that’s where we will start putting the photoshoot details together.

Questions I'll be asking you during our call

I always style the photoshoot custom to the person I am photographing. Especially since the photos will be used alongside a feature in a magazine, my goal is to uncover a bit more about who you are and capture the exact kind of images that would speak to you, your brand, and your highest values as a realtor and an individual.

Questions for you

  • What separates you from other realtors or business owners in the area?
  • Do you have a specific niche?
  • What specific topic(s) are you going to talk about in your article that we should cover in your portraits?
  • Who do you want to include in your photoshoot? Team? Business partners? Pets? Family?
  • Do you have any hobbies or activities that would be fun to include that are an important part of your brand?
  • Do you focus on a certain location with your business?
  • Are there any campaigns you plan to run in the coming months you’ll need images for?
  • In addition to branding and headshots, I also offer a boudoir or family photoshoot. Is there anything else I can help you with?
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Buy rights to your images

After your photoshoot, you and I will schedule a Zoom call and look at the images we captured. Together we will select the images that you love. We will talk about any retouching needs, and we will select which images will get published along with those that you want to buy the rights to use for your own marketing and personal use. Trust me when I say, you will want many of the images we select.

As a client coming to my studio from the Real Producer Magazine, you have special pricing available to you.
Look at your pricing options below.

Digital images and Collections

$1,500 - $3,250

I send anywhere from 6, 12, or 24 images to the magazine for publication, depending on how many different locations and sets we capture. You can purchase these images for your own marketing and personal use. The three collections below are designed to give you enough magazine-quality images to market your business for the next calendar year.

  • 6, 12, or 24 Digital Images
  • You’ll receive High-Resolution print files, Matching Social Media Web Files, and transparent cut-outs upon request
  • All images are fully retouched
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