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Luxury Portrait Photography Studio

Magazine-Style Portraits Celebrating You

Have you ever secretly dreamed of being photographed like a celebrity? To wear a nice suit or a gorgeous gown, have your hair and makeup styled by a professional stylist, and have your portrait captured showcasing how amazing you are? A portrait you love? Enter the photoshoot experience with Allie Serrano Portraits, a portrait photography studio in Tampa Bay, FL where we empower men & women with an unforgettable photoshoot experience, capture magazine-style business branding & intimate boudoir portraits, and celebrate you and your family in portraits, in business, and in life.

How do you dream of being photographed?

Empower yourself with an intimate boudoir photoshoot

Elevate Your Business with next-level personal branding  headshots

Celebrate your family and ancestors with Heritage Family Portraits

Your photoshoot experience

It's More than Just a Regular Photoshoot

be pampered like a celebrity - Have fun being photographed

A photoshoot with us will transform the way you see yourself. You will feel like the Queen. You will be styled and consulted every step of the way. You will get to wear different dresses and outfits, get pampered, eat chocolate strawberries, drink champagne, and feel gorgeous inside and out. During the photoshoot Allie will help you shine like a celebrity at a magazine red-carpet photoshoot highlighting your best features and capturing the best portraits you’ve ever seen of yourself.

A Planning Consultation

Let’s have a quick chat and talk about how you’d like to be photographed. We work together and plan out all the details. The meeting can occur by phone, Zoom, or in person. 

Wardrobe Styling, Hair & Makeup

What am I going to wear?  Together we will find the perfect outfit. And you can even use any gowns in our studio wardrobe.

Guided Photoshoot

Allie Serrano is skilled to guide everyone and capture your best features. No more worry about how to pose for photos.  Plus the photoshoot it’s a lot of fun!

Photo Reveal & Ordering Appointment

You’ll fall in love with the images and want to own them all.  We will guide you to select the right products and wall art. 

Skillful Retouching

With professionals at hand and skillful retouching we’ll make sure you’ll love your final images and portraits.

How will you Display Your Portraits?

wall art products and collections wall portrait the boudoir album wall portrait and products

your wall portrait will hang on your wall for many decades

This luxury photoshoot experience will be the best thing you’ve done for yourself in a long time. What’s more, having wall art on your wall featuring your best self will give your family something to cherish for decades to come. Book Your Photoshoot today. We are excited to connect with you and start planning your next photoshoot.

About The Photographer Allie Serrano

I empower women & men in portraits, in business and in life

About Us

Allie Serrano

I was born in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic. As a little girl, I loved playing dress-up with my sister. As a child other kids bullied me for having red hair.  I hid away from the world until years later in 2016, my best friend passed away from a brain aneurism. I realized that life is short and decided to turn my life around. 

So it is not surprising that today as a portrait photographer I lift the confidence in both women and men, I celebrate them with an unforgettable photoshoot experience, and I capture stunning magazine-style portraits of them to help women all over the world to see how beautiful they are on the inside and the outside.