Outdoor Portraits

Do you want to be photographed outside? We can capture magazine-style portraitS in any location

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Outdoor Lifestyle photography

Most of our clients have their photoshoot done in our studio. But some clients live outside and it only makes sense to photograph their lifestyle portrait outdoors.

We offer outdoor lifestyle photography especially for you. In the Tampa Bay area, many high-school seniors love their portraits done outdoors. It is so pretty in and around the Riverwalk area or The University of Tampa Downtown area. It is not surprising that we photograph often our clients there.

Feel free to see what Tampa offers on the main City of Tampa website.

Outdoor portraits for Realtors and other Outdoors Business Professionals

As a business owner, you could have your own reasons for asking for an outdoor photoshoot. It can be that you are a real estate agent and your brand best features you outside near the perfect house. Or it could be that you are a civil engineer and most of your work is spent on site. Or you could be an attorney who wants a portrait in front of his or her building.

Whatever the reason is, Allie Serrano Portraits is happy to oblige. We work with you every step of the way to style the photoshoot in a way to highlight your best features. Together we then select locations that are meaningful and continue to tell our client’s stories. The final images are professional, high-quality branding portraits and headshots that will help to tell your story and give you more visibility to your business or personal brand.

About Allie Serrano

My name is Allie Serrano and I am the owner of Allie Serrano Portraits, LLC. I was born in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic. It is a land filled with rich country, history, and romanticism, a place where things are handcrafted, one-of-a-kind art, heirloom antiques are created and celebrated. This world continues to influence me to this day. As a little girl, I loved playing dress-up with my sister.

I grew up having read hair and I was bullied for that. So, it is not surprising that today as a portrait photographer I have a burning desire to lift the confidence in everyone I meet, to change the world through beautiful portraits, to impact the world around me, and to tell the stories of the most incredible people I meet along the way. I can’t wait to meet you and tell your story with a portrait 🙂