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Photoshoot Pricing

How much is a photoshoot? What are our prices? What is your photoshoot investment? Below is the breakdown of our pricing. But, let’s go over some disclaimers first.

It is more than just a regular photoshoot

The photoshoot experience I offer is different from most other photographers. I don’t treat you like a model. I treat you like a human who is not trained in posing for the camera, and maybe a bit anxious to be photographed. I will guide you every step of the way. I will make it fun to be photographed.

Professional standard level and pricing

The services and products I offer are at a professional standard level. Yes, I am more expensive than some but less expensive than others. I have worked very hard to be at this level and I am happy to be able to give you quality portraits.

As a professional photographer and a business owner, it is my job to give you the best images I possibly can capture of you, and at the same time, be here the next time you’d love to be photographed. The portraits you are receiving are truly worth every penny because it gives you peace of mind knowing that you are getting exceptionally good quality products that will last you for years to come. So, if you are thinking “Wow, you are very expensive”, my answer would be “Yes, I am, thank you. I am proud to offer only the best to my customers.”

YOu will want to buy all of the images

I want to give you a friendly warning. You will want to buy all of the images. And I am not just saying that, it’s the truth. Many of my customers come for just one or two great portraits and they end up buying them all or spend more than they intended. 

Full Photoshoot Experience

Non-refundable deposit $1,250
  • Design Consultation & Photoshoot Planning
  • Use of the Studio Wardrobe or personal shopping
  • Professional Pampering, Facial, Hair & Makeup
  • 2-3 Hour Fully-Guided Photoshoot
  • 3-6 Different Outfits to wear during your photoshoot
  • Multiple Locations or Backgrounds
  • Includes $1,250 Credit toward images, collections, and products (yes it’s a true deposit)

See more details about our photoshoot experience here

Quick Headshot

  • Come ready to be photographed
  • Make-up Touch-Up
  • 30-Min Headshot
  • 1 Outfit
  • In the comfort of our studio
  • 2 digital images
Headshot Day

Images, Wall Art, Collections, Albums and More

How will you display your portraits?

We have gorgeous products and wall art options for you. Our biggest goal is for you to have a tangible product that you can look at every day, admire your portrait of the person you love, and take with you wherever you go. Digitals on your computer get lost in the shuffle but your wall portrait or an album does not. That is the one thing that will get handed down to the next generation and be remembered for years to come.

2023 Product Collections

Product Collections

$2,500 - $6,500
  • A Set of Digital Portraits
  • A Set of Matted Prints inside a gorgeous Folio Box
  • A Luxury Album (instead of the Folio Box)
  • Wall Art (in the top two collections only)
  • A Personalized Magazine (top collection only)

Do you want just digitals? You may choose to receive only digitals and not receive any products. The price will be the same. You can also purchase digitals ala carte at $500/img.


$ 6,500
  • VIP Membership
  • 16x24 Wall Art
  • Personalized Magazine
  • 40 Digital Images
  • 30 Matted Prints
  • Large Luxury Album or
  • Large Folio Box


$ 4,500
  • 11x17 Wall Art
  • 25 Digital Images
  • 20 Matted Prints
  • Med Luxury Album or
  • Med Folio Box


$ 2,500
  • 10 Digital Images
  • 10 Matted Prints
  • Small Folio Box

Digital Images

A Digital Portraits includes

  • High-resolution print file ready for your print needs
  • Web-sized resolution file for the web
  • Online Gallery

Do you want just digitals? You may choose to receive only digitals and not receive any products. The price will be the same. You will receive a significant discount on a product collection (see product collections above).

One digital Portrait


Digital Collections (see product collections above)

$2,500 - $6,500
Digital Negatives and Product Collections
gallery wall art series pricing


$9,500 +

Display your best portraits in a series of 3 to 12 Wall Art portraits in various customizable arrangements and finishes to fit your wall. Choose your frames to fit your home style. (framing is priced separately)

Wall Art Ala carte

$1,250 - $4,400
  • Canvas framed in gold or brown quality frames
  • Contemporary metal print in a simple black frame
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Sizes from 11×17 up to 40×60
  • Gallery Wall Series is also available
  • Framing is priced separately based on the frame you select
  • Photographic Oil Painting finish is available

See more details about our wall display here

Wall Art Pricing
Add-on Products


You can add these to any products above. They are a perfect accompaniment and make awesome gifts for your loved ones.

table-side frame

Large $400 - Small $300

Acrylic 3D print

Large $400 - Small $300

Crystal USB drive

Heart $150, Gold $150
The Photoshoot Experience
Wall Art & Product Display
The Complete Product Magazine