king and queen Themed Family portrait

Read about a King and Queen themed family portrait in your favorite King or Queen costume

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king and queen Photoshoot

Family ~ Fun ~ Together ~ Lasting Memories

Do you love the Renaissance and everything to do with Kings and Queens? Do you go to the Renaissance fair every year? Do you have your favorite costume? Why not do a magazine-style King and Queen photoshoot and have fun being photographed in your favorite King or Queen costumes?

You spend many precious moments together. You love each other. You would do anything for each other. Why not plan your family photoshoot to capture exactly who you are? This couple chose to use their heritage from the movie Coming to America as the King and Queen.

Let me ask you a question, what does your family like to do together? I ask this to my individual clients as well. What’s your thing? Do you love tulle and big gowns? Do you love butterflies? Superheroes? Are you a Star Trek fan? How about animals and the Zoo? Or what about the beach? If we were to tell the story of your family in one portrait, what theme would it be for yours?

Everyone likes certain things. Some people have more looks than others. One of my clients recently brought 3 different outfits to her photoshoot. I usually ask my clients to bring several outfit options but she brought 3 very distinct outfits. The first one was a Country Boudoir theme, the second was a Girl on the Roller Skates, and the third was a Black Goth Leather Power woman with a gun. Awesome, isn’t it? She is very different in each and each represents her personality exactly.

King and Queen Themed Family Portrait

You are the King and the Queen of your life. Let’s plan your family photoshoot in the theme that fits you the most. Just like this couple did. Guess what their theme was? Coming to America the movie. They really connected with this movie, note: this was before the movie Coming to America 2 came out. We helped to style them, we planned the whole event, and Allie even made the king’s robe. Inspired yet?

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Allie Serrano is a portrait photographer originally from the Czech Republic, living in the USA. She creates magazine-styled portraits empowering women (men too), giving them more confidence in business and in life, and celebrating those they love the most.