Studio Tour

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Studio Tour

Welcome to the studio tour of Allie Serrano Portraits. This was my 2022 studio and I loved every moment I had this studio.

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Studio Tour

Welcome to Allie Serrano Portraits Studio

Hi, My name is Allie Serrano. Welcome to Allie Serrano Portraits Studio. We are located here in a beautiful South Tampa and this is where the magic happens. Let me tell you why should you consider Allie Serrano Portraits to capture your next personal or business portrait of you.

In my studio, you don’t just experience the simple transaction of being photographed the way that you experience it with most photographers. Most photographers will snap a few pictures of you and call themselves a professional. In my studio, it’s a lot more.

So if you don’t know what you’re gonna be photographed in or what you’re want to wear, I have plenty of options for you. You can wear this beautiful tulle gown or this pink skirt that’s absolutely amazing or you can have any of these options to choose from.

And as far as jewelry goes, I also have some options for you with my jewelry. And yes, you can purchase these if you want. If you love it after you get photographed, you can also purchase them, you get to keep them and walk right out with them.

One of the ways I love to offer to display your portraits is this Gold Folio Box. I love gold and this box is absolutely amazing

It fits up to 30 of your best prints. This is the smaller version, I have a large version as well. And they are individually matted prints so you can separate them from the box and put them on your wall if you’d like.

And it also includes your USB for your digital copies of your images. I do offer this in black as well if you are not gold-kind of a person. Absolutely incredible so I highly recommend this.

In my studio, you don’t experience the traditional photoshoot from most photographers.

You will be transformed. You will experience more of a salon-style service with hair and makeup, with pampering, with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries.

You will be consulted every step of the way. Most people are scared to be photographed. So I want to make it as comfortable for you. I want to make sure you have fun, play dress-up,
put on different gowns that you don’t usually wear, bring out that little black dress that’s in the back of your closet, that you don’t ever wear and I want you to rock it, and I want you to feel like the Queen for a day.

One of the ways that you can display the portraits captured in the studio is in these beautiful gold antique frames.

I collect antique frames and these are actually full frames these are not just corners. These are full corner frames, they are hand made and they are absolutely stunning and one-of-a-kind and absolutely the best Your art.

So welcome to the actual photoshoot studio space. This is the space where we transform you. I have different corners, different chairs for you to launch on, different sets, different backgrounds and this is the magical room.

I do love painting new backdrops, this is the one I love using the most. That’s why it’s hanging on the wall, it’s one of the most used. I use it often for headshots and for branding portraits but also for fine art portraits.

I am getting ready to make some more so that’s what this is for.
This is a roll of canvas that’s going to get a lot of cute little paint on so I am really excited to do that.

Welcome. I like to bring into the portrait a little more about you. It’s not just who you are today but also I want to bring into your image who your ancestors were and what makes you who you are today.

Remember these images will be hanging on your wall or on your computer wall for the next decade or hundreds of decades.

These will be the portraits that your family will look at when they want to remember you.

This will be your legacy. This will be selling your business and this will be the way that you want to be remembered.

So let’s make sure that we capture the best YOU. I am super thrilled to help you with this. This experience that I offer is unlike any other and as a portrait artist, it is absolutely my greatest honor to walk you through this with me and capture some incredible portraits that will be hanging on your family wall for a long time.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I really enjoyed having you here

I hope you come to visit in person very soon.

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I invite you to get photographed with Allie Serrano Portraits. This photoshoot will change your life and the portraits we will capture of you will last you a lifetime.

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Allie Serrano

Hi, my name is Allie Serrano. I am a professional portrait photographer. I have worked with many top-producing realtors and other business owners all over Florida and beyond. I am excited to photograph you and capture incredible magazine-quality images for your feature and for your personal business use.
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