The Best Portrait Photographer for Small Business Female Attorneys

The Best Portrait Photographer for Small Business Female Attorneys

In the article below I will share with you why I am the best portrait photographer for female attorneys in the Tampa Bay area and beyond, and how I can help empower women lawyers with quality portraits to stand out from their competition.

The Best Portrait Photographer for Small Business Female Attorneys

Why I am the best Portrait Photographer for small business female lawyers in the Tampa Bay Area

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I was in my early twenties I was facing the biggest question of my young adulthood “What do you want to be when you grow up?” From my family, all I heard was to marry a doctor or a lawyer and live happily ever after. But what if I could actually be something more? As a 6-year old girl I wanted to be a ballet dancer, an idea my mom immediately crossed off the list seeing that I wasn’t talented enough. But what if I could be something I was proud of, doing something I enjoyed, be confident in my shoes, and do something I was really good at? I had no idea what it would be yet but I knew that if I worked hard enough, I would eventually get my dream come true one day.

My Legal Background

My first job definitely influenced me in many ways. You see, after graduating from a business academy I got hired to be a secretary for a male attorney in my hometown. He owned his own firm, employed two male paralegals, and was in search of a secretary to help manage his firm. It seemed like a good job for which I was well trained. But what I wasn’t prepared for was how he treated women. You see, he turned out to be a narcissistic man who yelled at me at every chance he got and made me feel very small. The worst thing was that he didn’t realize how this affected me and somehow he thought that’s how you are supposed to treat women. I actually ended up only working there for 2 months because I could not handle coming home in tears every day. That’s not how I imagined going to work every day is supposed to feel.

Throughout the next two decades, I moved to the United States and got a series of customer service jobs. I did not come back to the field of law until after I finished my AA degree in 2004 and I was facing a fork in my path in my decision on what I wanted to be when I grew up. My boyfriend at the time mentioned I was good at arguing (with him mostly) so perhaps I should be an attorney. The thought intrigues me. Could I be a good attorney? I’ve always wanted to help people, I had an AA degree was in psychology, and helping families in the legal struggle was something I could see myself being quite good at and actually enjoy doing. So I decided to give it a try.

I got as far as graduating with my bachelor’s degree and passing the LSAT which time the 2008 economy crash came and I realized that investing over 200K on a law degree during this time was not the smartest financial decision for me. So I postponed my decision to go to a law school I went to work for a female attorney who owned a small firm in St. Petersburg. I liked working there and I learned quite a bit about the struggle of women in such a male-dominated field. The firm employed all women and I saw all 3 attorneys work very hard, twice as hard to get half the pay as their male counterparts in other firms. It didn’t seem fair. Also, I noticed that the struggle took quite a toll on my boss’s well-being and health. Something has to be done.

So I spent my 5 years as her office assistant doing my best to try to help her marketing and her brand to give her an extra edge. But I knew that I did not want to be an attorney. Instead, I wanted to help female attorneys to be more confident and help to prove to the world that they are just as good, if not better than all the male attorneys out there.

8 Reasons why I am the best to help female small firm lawyers to stand out from their competition

  1. I am a fellow business owner and I can relate to your struggle to compete and succeed
  2. I’ve photographed many female attorneys and business owners
  3. Capturing a True Personality is so important for your marketing
  4. I do a style-board with my clients and a detailed consultation prior to every photoshoot
  5. I capture the images you need to grow Your brand
  6. Transformative Photoshoot experience will empower you to be more confident
  7. I go through a multi-step detailed process to get to the final result
  8. I want you to succeed

1) I am a fellow female business owner. I understand Your Struggle

When I found my passion for photography (that’s another story entirely), for many years it was just a hobby. It didn’t even occur to me to it took me some years to get enough courage to consider starting a business. In 2016 when my best friend died, it was the push I needed. It was time to stop running and start marching my life path. You see, I truly love what I do. And while there are thousands of photographers in any given city, and as a female business owner and entrepreneur, I have struggled to be considered equal and respected as a professional as many other women business owners have.

2) I've photographed many female attys and business owners so I have the experience

Since 2016 I’ve been in business, I now photograph over 40 clients per year and a majority of my clients are women and business owners as well as attorneys, realtors and other business owners. I’ve made it my priority to focus on specifically business portraits and the best way to capture a woman in order to elevate her above her competition.

3) Capturing true personality of an attorney is so important for your marketing and I have the skill to do that

Most photographers focus on their equipment, lights, camera settings, and they forget about the most important thing, to guide the client that’s being photographed. Unless you are trained model, a woman would now know how to pose herself to look confident and sharp in front of the camera. And this is what I am especially good at. I have extensive knowledge and practice in this area and I know the best way to guide you to look natural but sharp and still yourself. So if you are ever worried about being photographed, trust me. I’ve got you.

Also, I wrote another post about How to have fun when being photographed, you are welcome to check it out as well.

4) I do a style board with my clients and a detailed brand consultation

An important part of the photoshoot experience, a process that every client goes through with me prior to a photoshoot, is a style mood board. We develop the style board together during a planning and wardrobe consultation and I create a Pinterest style board for us to use as an inspiration for you. This is helpful not only for the wardrobe, but also for the background and the overall mood of the image. In addition, after the photoshoot I keep my notes and I create a profile so in the future I already know how to best capture every client I’ve worked with in the past.

5) I capture the images you need to grow your business and represent your brand

Most people think that a photoshoot is just me pushing a few buttons. It’s so much more than that. Actually, for a business owner it is very important for me to know your brand style, colors, how you conduct business, are you casually dressed or professionally clothed, and so much more. From there we style every photoshoot to further enhance your brand in every image and photo you put forth in your marketing.

6) Transformative photoshoot experiece will empower you to be more confident and ready to achieve your dreams

My Luxury Transformation Photoshoot experience is a lot of fun. You will get pampered, you will look and feel fabulous, and you will have incredible portraits captured of you showing that you are an amazing confident woman transforming the way you see yourself. This photoshoot will improve your self-confidence, and it will improve both your business and your personal life. Overall, this luxury experience will be the best thing you’ve done for yourself in a long time if not ever. Feel free to read more about the experience here

7) I go through a multi-step detailed process to get to the end result - images that you love

After I photograph you, I don’t just dump all your images on a CD. I go through a very detailed retouching process to enhance what I captured and bring out your best features on the surface. This does not necessarily mean to make you look like someone you are not, but I am able to take away the weight that the camera added and the extra shadows it captured that don’t need to be there. Some might say I can make you look a bit younger and brighter. The goal is for you to love your images and be proud of how you look in every single one of them.

8) I want you to succeed

The end goal is for you to succeed. If I didn’t get paid for being a professional and for all I do, I would still find a way to do it to help others. I love being able to transform how you see yourself in the mirror and in your images. I love being able to give you more confidence and help you succeed in business and in life. That’s my overall mission and if I can accomplish that even just a little bit, I have done my job right. I am happy if you are happy.

Who is Allie Serrano

About Allie Serrano

My name is Allie Serrano and I am the owner of Allie Serrano Portraits, LLC. I was born in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic. It is a land filled with rich country, history, and romanticism, a place where things are handcrafted, one-of-a-kind art, heirloom antiques are created and celebrated. This world continues to influence me to this day. As a little girl, I loved playing dress-up with my sister. I grew up having read hair and I was bullied for that. So, it is not surprising that today as a portrait photographer I have a burning desire to lift the confidence in everyone I meet, to change the world through beautiful portraits, to impact the world around me, and to tell the stories of the most incredible people I meet along the way. I can’t wait to meet you and tell your story with a portrait 🙂