Valentines Day Photoshoot

Valentines Day Photoshoot

Valentines Day Photoshoot for Every Day Couples

Celebrate your love and romance with a captivating Valentine’s Day photoshoot that beautifully captures the magic and connection between you and your partner. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone in your relationship or simply want to freeze a moment in time, a Valentine’s Day photoshoot offers a unique opportunity to express your love visually with incredible portraits of magazine quality.

What is a Valentines Day Photo Shoot

Valentine’s Day Photoshoot is a 2-3hour photoshoot where you will get professional hair and makeup styling, get pampered, have a glass of wine or champagne, you bring 3 outfits to wear, and then you and your partner are professionally photographed together capturing your love for each other. You can learn more about our luxury photoshoot experience here.

Or you can select a ‘just as you are’ raw photoshoot experience that is exactly what the title describes, a raw portrait experience without professional hair and makeup, come just as you are, no signature or special retouching, no custom stylizing, and you receive stunning black and white portraits of the two of you capturing raw emotion and connection between you and your partner. 

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Are you looking to book a Valentines Day Photoshoot with Allie Serrano Portraits? We are excited to connect with you and make your photoshoot dream come true. Allie Serrano takes a limited number of monthly clients to ensure an excellent customized experience. Please start by scheduling an initial consultation call with Allie to connect and get on the same page and the next steps.

History of Valentines Day

Origins of Valentine's Day: A Pagan Festival In February

According to Wikipedia, While some believe that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the middle of February to commemorate the anniversary of Valentine’s death or burial—which probably occurred around A.D. 270—others claim that the Christian church may have decided to place St. Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February in an effort to “Christianize” the pagan celebration of Lupercalia. Celebrated at the ides of February, or February 15, Lupercalia was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, as well as to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus.

The festival involved the sacrifice of an animal for fertility and purification. It also involved gently slapping women because it was believed to make them more fertile in the coming year. The festival ended with bachelors choosing the celebrated women and being pared with them for the year which often ended in marriage. You can read more about the festival here.

Portrait Photography Studio, portrait photographer near me, Apollo Beach, FL, heritage portraits, family photoshoot

What types of Valentines Day Photos Should You Do with Your Loved One

If the main goal for a photoshoot on Valentines Day is to celebrate your love, then you should start with a Couples Portrait. See examples of a family portrait by clicking the link above. We style them based on your preferences representing you as a family, so the final look and feel can be styled in a way that celebrates you the best. A typical family photo shoot can be done in studio or outside and it can include your children, your furry children, pets, and everyone that you consider family.

The other type of a couples Valentines Day photoshoot you can do is a Heritage Portrait otherwise known as Heritage Photoshoot. This is a fine-art magazine-style portrait that is custom-designed for you. It is a themed photoshoot and includes props and clothing that celebrates your heritage and ancestors. This can be your heritage or that of your partner. It is not an exact replica but a fine-art portrait so it allows us to be very creative in the way we use the props especially if we are combining several ancestral lineage lines at the same time.

The third kind of Valentines’ Day Photoshoot is a Couples Boudoir Photoshoot for you and for your loved one. Boudoir is mainly captured of women alone, but in our studio, Allie Serrano Portraits often include her partner and we love capturing the couple together. The two have a lot of fun being photographed together in a romantic and sensual way, and it often creates a lot of sparks between the couple. 

Portrait Photography Studio, portrait photographer near me, Apollo Beach, FL, heritage portraits, family photoshoot

What will the valentines day Photoshoot Include

It all comes down to what kind of a photoshoot you select and what photographer will offer. With Allie Serrano Portraits the luxury photoshoot experience includes a 3-hour photoshoot fully guided by a professional photographer Allie Serrano, a makeover by a professional makeup artist, hair styling, multiple outfit changes, and a credit towards your images along with wall art as well as a folio box or an album. If your goal is to celebrate each other, you should plan to get a wall art or the Boudoir Album with images from your photoshoot.

Again, different photographers will offer different experiences so be sure to read the fine print and ask many questions. Have fun and be relaxed when you are being photographed.

Don’t just let the digitals exist on your computer. You are celebrating each other so let it be known that your love is strong and the best way to do that is with a wall art piece hanging of your wall of you and your partner.

If you’d like to book the full photoshoot experience, Look at what it includes here 

Full Photoshoot Experience

How do you select the best photographer near you for couples Valentines Day Photoshoot

There are possibly hundreds of photographers in your immediate area and there are several ways you can find the best photographer near you. 

You can start by asking your neighbors or friends in person or on Facebook. You can also use the Neighborhood App. The other way you can look for a professional photographer near you is by searching on Google. Here you may get a better listing but be sure to scroll to page 2 or 3 or 10 on Google so that you can an accurate listing of photographers near you, and not just those who have good SEO on their website.

You can also do a search on Instagram, especially if you are looking for a boudoir photographer because Facebook and Google are both known to be pg13 and any hint of sexuality may not be approved. 

The probably best way to search for the best photographer for you is using all 3 results and looking for first for a business that has been recommended by your friends and neighbors, a studio that has 4.5 review score on Google, who is a registered business, and a photographer who’s work you love after seeing their Instagram and website gallery.  Read more about how to find the best professional photographer near you.

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In Summary

If you are in a relationship, you want to experience Valentine’s Day photoshoot at least once in your life. A Valentine’s Day has been around for many centuries as a celebration of women and fertility. You have many options to choose from for the type of a photoshoot you can select. The selection is entirely up to you and what kind of a portrait fits you as a couple. The actual photoshoot may differ depending on which studio you decide to work with. Each photographer has different experience and what it may include. Lastly, be careful to select only the best portrait studio to work with. There are many options, many of which may not be the best for you. 

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