Branding Portraits

Branding Portraits and Headshots

Branding Portraits and Headshots

We Help You Shine In POrtraits, in business and In Life

Let’s elevate your brand above your competition with updated branding portraits and headshots. How old is your headshot? Are you trying to grow your business? Our goal is to capture your branding portraits and headshots in a way that elevates your business, helps you shine above your competition, and further enhances your brand with quality marketing imagery and design.

we capture the real you

For most businesses after Covid 19, there is a need to be seen in your branding materials. People want to see not just the serious headshot but they want to see the real full-body version of you with emotions, laughs personality, and someone they can connect to. This is what we do best. We will plan a photoshoot with you and capture a variety of images for you to use for all your marketing needs, images that will be styled to capture your best self filled with real emotion and expression.

branding Portraits Pricing

whether you just want a quick headshot or a full branding photoshoot, we have you covered

Our clients have a variety of needs. Our prices reflect the magazine quality and experience of what we do. Our goal is to have you look your best above your competition. Our full branding photoshoot experience includes a full hair and makeup, facial, wardrobe styling, energy clearing, a 2-3 hour photoshoot, and much more. The deposit to book the full photoshoot experience is $1,250 and the details are outlined below.

Once a month we offer a headshot mini-day where you can come into the studio, spend 30 minutes, get your headshot captured, and pay for the image(s) you love. The cost to book the headshot day is $500 and you can book a headshot below.