Couples Portrait

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Valentine's Day Photoshoot for Couples in Love

Celebrate Your Love with a CoupLES pORTRAIT

Couples Portrait is a perfect way to celebrate a Valentine’s Day with a photoshoot for Couples in Love. 

Are you in love and want to capture your love for all time? Are you in love with each other and can’t imagine a life without one another? Or better yet, are you still in love as much as you were the first day you met? 

Enter the couples portrait photoshoot experience with Allie Serrano Portraits, a portrait photography studio in Apollo Beach, Tampa Bay, FL where we empower men & women with an unforgettable photoshoot experience, capture magazine-style portraits worthy to go on the cover of your favorite magazine, and make you look absolutely amazing in images & wall portraits for years to come.

Couples Portrait Gallery

PLan for a very special Valentines day

This day is all about you. We will plan it on the perfect together. You’ll relax and spend some quality time together, she will get her hair and nails done and wear a gorgeous red dress (or something she feels fabulous in), and he will wear something stylish and sexy to compliment her.

It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience

You will love this! It’s a great experience that you will always look back and think about. Plus, you will have your wall art to look at. One day, when you both are old and not as young as you are today, this portrait will become your family legacy.

What's Included

This day is all about you. The lady will get professional hair and makeup, a 30-minute facial, papering, and a 2-3 hour photoshoot where you get to put on different outfits and capture portraits together with Allie Serrano. Allie will personally guide you through all the love poses and capture incredible images all of which you will want to own. Find out more about the photoshoot experience on our separate below.

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