Family Portrait with 6 Dogs

family portrait with 6 dogs

Family Portrait with 6 Dogs

Mary dynes photoshoot family portrait with 6 dogs

I am proud to present Mary Dynes Photoshoot Family portrait with 6 dogs aka all her furry children. Mary Dynes, the purple-hair insurance lady, won a full photoshoot experience with my portrait studio Allie Serrano Portraits during my Birthday photoshoot giveaway in March. It has become somewhat of a tradition for one person to win a grand photoshoot on my birthday and Mary is the 2024 Grand winner.

Here is what Mary Dynes received:

one grand winner receives

professional hair and make-up styling
luxury studio photoshoot +
bronze product collection
all valued at $3,000

On Monday, March 18th, I will draw one winner from all applicants. This Grand Winner will receive the following:

  • Professional hair and makeup styling
  • 2-hour Luxury Studio Photoshoot
  • A collection of 6 best portraits you have ever seen of yourself
  • $50 credit to Styles by Allie
  • and more all valued at $3,000

video from the Photoshoot

Mary loves rescue dogs

Mary loves rescuing dogs

When I got the idea of capturing Mary Dynes as a family portrait with 6 dogs, both of us got really excited about the family portrait. We were excited about her photoshoot overall, but I knew how much she loves her furry children, and would do anything for her rescue dogs. And so, since I myself have 4 cats in my home studio, we decided it would be the easiest for me to set up a temporary studio in her living room and do the whole photoshoot there. 

After Mary got photographed in all her outfits, I set up the set for the grand finale portrait. In her last outfit Mary and her roommate assisted me to photograph Mary first, and then each of her amazing dogs got photographed one at a time. The final group composite portrait was amazing. You can see it below.

Two of her dogs passed away in the last several weeks leading up to the photoshoot and so we have included them in the portrait in a heavenly fashion. Such an amazing idea! And if you are wondering what is a group composite portrait, here is an article on how it works in my studio. 

Mary dynes
MD Healthcare Solutions

Mary dynes The purple hair insurance lady

I met Mary Dynes when I attended my first meeting at Partners In Network, a local networking organization whose primary focus is building relationships and supporting one another. Mary is an integral part of several chapters and we instantly hit it off. She likes to say she doesn’t need to do any marketing because of all the relationships she built through Partners In Network.

Mary Dynes is a health insurance agent. She offers Individual and Group Health Insurance, Marketplace, Private plans, Prescriptions, Disability, Medicare, Dental plans, and much more.

She focuses on helping people find the best health insurance that fits their and their family’s needs. She is so good at what she does that she even recommends health plans regardless of whether she gets paid. This selfless act shows true dedication to the industry and to helping people. I love you, Mary! You are amazing.

Group Composite Portrait, Mary Dynes, family portrait with 6 dogs

Contact Mary dynes

If you reach out to Mary, tell her Allie Serrano sent you. She will take good care of you.

Mary Dynes
MD Healthcare Solutions
(612) 325-6894

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