Group Composite Portrait

Group Composite Portrait, Mary Dynes, family portrait with 6 dogs

Group Composite Portrait

yes it is a composite

Group Composite Portrait technique is a popular and easy way to bring a group of people or animals together that would otherwise not come together for various reasons.

If you have seen some of the holiday portraits of my family, you may have noticed that I love including our furry children into the family portrait. Sometimes it is possible to capture everyone into the same photo but sometimes it is not. If you have pets at home you know quite well how difficult that can be.

Famous photographers use Group Composite Portraits technique a lot more than you think

Have you seen some of the group photos of celebrities on the cover of a magazine as often photographed by Annie Leibowitz? She is known for group composites. You know how busy celebrities are, right? Usually, as a photographer, I get 5 to 10 minutes with a celebrity photoshoot at the most. This makes it for a very fast photoshoot.
Having said that, you know how difficult it can be to bring 10 or more business owners to come together for a commercial group photoshoot. So, if it is difficult for us, it is nearly impossible for celebrities.
For all these reasons and more, group composite portraits are very popular and are done all the time, you just don’t know it. This is why in situations like these, I photograph one person or dog at a time and composite them into one group portrait. Amazing, right?

How Is It Done?

A group composite portrait is captured through a process that involves combining individual photographs of each person in the group into a single cohesive image. Here’s a general overview of how it’s done:

  1. Preparation: The photographer arranges the group of people in a way that they’re comfortably positioned and well-lit. Depending on the size of the group, this might involve arranging people in rows or tiers to ensure everyone is visible.

  2. Individual Shots: The photographer then takes individual portraits of each person in the group. These shots are usually taken with the same lighting, background, and camera settings to ensure consistency.

  3. Selection: After capturing the individual shots, the photographer selects the best images for each person. This might involve choosing the images where everyone has their eyes open, is smiling, and is in focus.

  4. Editing: Using photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, the photographer then combines the individual shots into a single composite image. This involves layering each person’s portrait on top of one another and carefully blending them together to create a seamless final image.

  5. Adjustments: Once the composite image is created, the photographer may make further adjustments to ensure that the lighting, colors, and tones are consistent across the entire image. They may also retouch any imperfections and make minor enhancements as needed.

  6. Final Touches: Finally, the photographer adds any additional elements, such as text or graphics, and prepares the image for printing or digital distribution.

Overall, capturing a group composite portrait requires careful planning, attention to detail, and skillful editing to create a final image that accurately represents the entire group.

These are some of the images I used for the compositing of the final portrait. As long as everyone is photographed under the same or similar lighting and setting conditions, the final image looks absolutely perfect. In the photo below there are 2 additional dogs that passed away days prior to the photoshoot unexpectantly, and so we added them into the portrait with a heavenly effect.

Group Composite Portrait, Mary Dynes, family portrait with 6 dogs

Various uses of group composite portraits

Family portrait for spread-out families

Family portrait where it is difficult to bring everyone to one place at one time. This is true for many Floridians. So if this is you, call me and we can organize a group composite of your family and you won’t even know they were not all photographed together.

Families in Several Small Groups

If you are able to see your family in small groups at best, that’s ok too. We can photograph one group at a time and composite them together into one grand portrait.

Family with Multiple Animals

If you have multiple animals in your family that you would like to include in your portrait, the group composite technique is the best way to capture everyone together. Trust me.

Commercial Group Portraits for Busy Professionals

If you have an office of busy professionals and are having a difficult time getting everyone together for a portrait. a group composite is your ideal solution.

Vanity Fair Style Group Portraits

Yes, celebrities get photographed one at a time or small groups at a time, and composited together into one portrait saving everyone a lot of time coordinating their very busy schedules.

Groups with Relatives who Passed Away

If you had someone dear to you pass away and you still want to include them into your family portrait, it can easily be done, providing that you have some images of your person that we can use as a composite.

Group Composite Portrait Examples

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