Self-esteem from the outside in…

by Hana Novakova with Nova Beauty

Wikipedia today describes Self-esteem as an individual’s subjective evaluation of their own worth. Confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs about oneself as well as emotional states, such as triumph, despair, self-hate, and shame.

Self-confidence and view of the self, connect to our outer energetic biofield, particularly the Solar plexus chakra. This energy center represents personal strength, self-esteem, and creativity. Furthermore, this chakra governs the digestive system and its respective organs; as a result, it has jurisdiction over both the gut’s emotional brain and stored emotions. Have you ever heard about gut feeling?

As an Esthetician, Beauty expert, and Energy Mastery practitioner I understand today, that clean and energized Solar plexus result in high self-esteem and self-respect, healthy digestion, a clear mind, and clear skin with a healthy inner and outer glow.


Here are few simple things you can do to improve your confidence:

  1. Love Yourself first and always. Practice in front of a mirror and compliment
    yourself on all your imperfections, forgive all your mistakes and failures.
  2. Stay grounded and mindful.
  3. Set boundaries.
  4. Dance like no one is watching.
  5. Professional Energy healing sessions are always a great idea.
  6. Schedule a photoshoot. Boudoir is even better.
  7. Get an Anti-Aging Facial to boost your confidence immediately

Because you’re worth it!

Hana Novakova, LE
Esthetician & Energy Mastery practitioner
Nova Beauty Center

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