Headshot Day

Headshot Day


30-minute headshot - Makeup Touch-Up - 2 Digital ImageS

Do you need a new headshot? Are you starting a new job or a new career? We are now offering a Headshot Day to all our clients. Come ready to be photographed, get your headshot captured, and in 15 minutes you will walk away with one incredible image ready to promote your personal business brand. If you want just one image, for the same 30-minute photoshoot with one image that is $500.

Fully Guided photoshoot

What's Included

  • Initial Phone Consultation
  • Makeup Touch-up
  • 30 Minute Photoshoot
  • 1 Look In Studio
  • 2 Digital Images
  • Additional Images at $250 Per Image

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There are ONLY 2 Spots available each Headshot Day the next headshot day is june 1st, 2023