How Often Should I Update My Headshot

Are you a business owner or professional? Let me ask you a question. When is the last time you updated your professional headshot?

Most people we talk to don’t update theirs until the previous one is perhaps 5-8 years old or even older. I’ve come across some clients of ours that haven’t updated their headshot or business portrait until 20 years later. But how often should business owners update their headshot?


Every 2-3 Years on Average

So, it might depend on the individual. But in our experience a professional branding portrait should be updated at least every 2-3 years of not sooner. If you are the kind of business owner that is not active much on social media, you don’t post much on Facebook or Linkedin, and don’t advertise, then your headshot can stay the same for 3 years (assuming you still look the same).


Every Year if you are active on social media or youtube

If you are the kind of individual that posts often on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin, and is very active with the online community, you should update your headshot at least every 2 years. In actuality, I would highly recommend you updating yours every year and having new images of you in action to post at least once per month. This is what we call branding images and it is a lot more than one headshot.


Immediately If you look different than on your last image

The other reason you should consider updating your headshot is if you look different now than on the image. Have you lost weight recently? How often do you get a new haircut? When is the last time you got a new business suit? Or a new pair of shoes to match the suit? If you look any different, have a different style, and people would not recognize you anymore, it is imperative that you need to update your headshot asap.

Who is Allie Serrano

About Allie Serrano

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