how to have fun when being photographed

How to have fun when being photographed

How to have fun when being photographed

Bob Noriega Autoworks of Tampa how to have fun during a photoshoot branding photoshoot

How to have fun during a photoshoot

A lot of people are afraid of being photographed. Having a camera pointed at you seeing every little detail on your face and body can be a very scary thing. You can read more about anxiety in another post on our blog here. Today we will talk about what are some of the things you can do to not only overcome the anxiety but to actually have fun.

If you hate being photographed, this is what you need to do

As you can see in the video above, Bob has a lot of fun and is laughing during the photoshoot. We also captured some incredible portraits that day as well, as you can see below in the post. But how does one, like Bob, has so much fun during a photoshoot? We can help, in fact, many of our clients have fun during the photoshoot.

1. Get to Know your Photographer

The first reason people are anxious for a photoshoot is that they do not know their photographer well. So my first tip is, to arrange to meet your photographer and if possible via Zoom or in person, not just by phone. Ever since I have begun meeting my clients beforehand, as the first thing in the process before we even schedule the photoshoot, most of my clients are much more at ease. It definitely eases up the tension during the rest of the process.

2. Plan the Images you want to capture

The second reason some of my clients are anxious is because they don’t know what to expect. It is one thing to be photographed, and even know what to wear and what kind of a portrait is being captured (headshot vs a lifestyle for example), but it is another matter not knowing what poses to prepare for or what specific images are being captured.

You see, let’s say the images are for your business or personal brand. And let’s say that you don’t know anything about posing or where to put your hands during a photoshoot. In order to have great images, especially if your photographer is not skilled in posing his or her clients, is to plan your shots like in movie production.

I do this myself, as a professional portrait photographer. I am trained to pose my clients to enhance their best features and reduce their not-so-good features. And still, I plan a shot list prior to every photoshoot. It is one of the many ways I ensure we capture exactly the shots the client is looking for.

3. Be Present and Get Outside of Your Head

Some of my clients are still a little bit nervous during the actual photoshoot. This is where I suggest this, be present and get outside of your head. I have several tricks up my sleeves. My goal is for this said client to forget for a moment that he or she is being photographed. So, if there is a tip I can give you prior to your photoshoot, then it is this. Don’t worry. It is not so bad. You won’t be killed, you won’t die, and the worst thing is that you may actually have fun during the photoshoot.

Now, if you are having a very stressful day or a month, do try to relax as much as possible. Make a day of it, have fun, and enjoy the process. This way your images are even more magical than you thought.


This is probably the hardest part, at least for some of you. If you are a born leader, you want to be in charge. You’d like to know that you are being well cared for, that the professional working with you knows what they are doing, and will not let anything bad happen to you. Trust is difficult to relinquish to someone you don’t know or whom you just met.

If I were to be your photographer, and I can’t speak for all photographers out there, as a matter of fact, many probably do not do this next step, but at the very beginning of your photoshoot process with me, you would already have at least talked to me either by Zoom or in person. You will see that I am a professional and know what I am doing. Second, I am easy to get along with, so even during our consultation we will have already been laughing and connected on some level. I will prepare you, so, when you are walking on the photoshoot set, you will already trust me at least a little bit, but the most important part is that I will guide you every step of the way.

During the photoshoot itself, I do not leave a stone unturned. I will direct you to ensure your body and expression are on point and you look great to the camera from all angles. So, if trust is the reason why you may be experiencing anxiety, don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Here are some my tricks I use to get you to relax during a photoshoot

I have employed these and other tac tics during a photoshoot with various clients depending on how stressed they are about being photographed. They are self explanatory and very effective.

1. Do you know a Good Joke?

2. Tell a Funny Story

3. Tell me About Your Day

4. Picture the best day ever, and tell me about it

5. Play relaxing music

6. Let's Dance

I will write another article on this topic very soon, so definitely come back for that, but let’s just say, we have a lot of fun at the studio!!!

About Bob Noriega

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Read more about Bob in a separate post here and also go watch a video from his photoshoot. In summary, Bob is the owner of Auto Works of Tampa. His company repairs and fixes cars, trucks and specialize in European makes such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Mini and Volkswagen.

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