No Makeup Photoshoot Experience

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Natural Beauty No Makeup Photoshoot Experience

Natural beauty emotion-filled portrait

You can be photographed in two ways in my studio. The first is the luxury photoshoot experience that includes professional hair and makeup styling and full retouching. Your final portraits will be that of the stunning beauty of you. You can read more about that kind of photoshoot here.

Or you can choose the natural beauty style portrait that is filled with emotion and raw expression. This style of a photoshoot is focused on your emotion, movement, and expressions, capturing you just as you are with very little makeup and no retouching. And this is what we are talking about doing here.

Come just as you are and be photographed in your natural beauty

No Makeup Photoshoot Experience is all about you feeling safe and comfortable in your natural beauty. There is nothing that you need to change about you to be photographed. You are beautiful just as you are. Arrive at the photoshoot just as you are on a normal day, and let me capture your raw natural beauty.

no makeup or very light makeup is fine

If you are wondering whether no makeup truly means no makeup, that’s entirely up to you. The goal is to capture you just as you are, so if you’d prefer having a light clear powder coverage on your face, that’s totally fine but natural look is what we are going for.

Black and White Portrait Gallery

what's Included in the Photoshoot

No Makeup Photoshoot Experience

We want to capture the real you in your natural beauty

  1. Initial Phone Call
  2. Planning Consultation 
  3. No heavy styling, use what you have and keep it simple
  4. No professional hair and makeup, come just as you are
  5. 2-Hour Photoshoot
  6. 3 Different outfits (something light, something dark, something showing skin)
  7. 3 Focus themes (movement, expression, body & skin)
  8. Immediate photo reveal  
  9. No Image Retouching (unretouched photoshoot)
  10. Black and white portraits (you may ask for some portraits in color but the majority will be in black and white)
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How much is it to start your photoshoot Experience

$1,250 Deposit

To book your photoshoot and start your photoshoot experience, this is also when you secure your photoshoot date and time, we ask for a $1,250 non-refundable deposit. Images are not included, those are purchased at the reveal appointment. You will receive a full image credit toward image collections. You can also pre-pay your image collection ahead of time.

$1,250 credit toward image collections

You receive a full $1,250 credit toward image collections. Our collections range from $3,000 to $6,500. It is entirely up to you what collection or product you love. Every client has different wants and needs and we offer a variety of products and collections catering to satisfy most of our clients’ wishes and desires.

Initial Call

A quick phone call to confirm the basic photoshoot details and to get on the same page. This can also be handled via email or text.

Planning Consultation

We will meet in person or via Zoom and we'll talk about how you’d like to be photographed. We will create your photoshoot concept and start your visual mood board. We process your deposit and book your photoshoot.  This is where the fun begins.

No Styling - Bring what you have

This photoshoot focuses on you, your emotions and your natural beauty. There is no need for heavy or detailed styling. Bring what means the most to you and what you already own.

No Professional hair & Makeup

Natural beauty is the theme here. Come just as you are. Embark on a liberating journey of authenticity with our captivating no-makeup photoshoot experience. Stray away from conventional beauty standards as our skilled photographers capture the raw and genuine essence of your natural self.

photoshoot experience,

2-Hour Fully guided Photoshoot

Have fun being photographed

You will have a lot of fun being photographed. The photoshoot will take about 2 hours and Allie will capture the real you. You will walk out of the day feeling confident and excited. You may also want to plan a date night afterward because you will look absolutely amazing.

we will guide you every step of the way

You are working the best in the Tampa Bay area. Allie Serrano has spent years training and perfecting her skills. She will guide you to not only look your best every step of the way, but she will also bring out the right expressions to capture the best portrait of you. You are in the right hands.

3 Different Outfits

Bring 3 different outfits to your photoshoot. Something black, something light, and something showing skin. If you are not sure, bring more options and Allie will select the outfits that best photograph.

3 Focus themes

We will focus on 3 different themes during this photoshoot. Movement, expression, and body & skin. Trust me that I will guide you every step of the way. This will be one of the most relaxing photoshoots you have ever experienced.

Immediate Photo Reveal

Right after you are done being photographed, Allie will download the images and we will look at them together. From there you and I will select those you'd like to print for your wall or put into your album and create your image collection.

No Retouching

You are beautiful just as you are. There is no need for any retouching. This empowering session celebrates individuality, encouraging you to embrace the beauty that lies beneath the layers of makeup. Revel in the simplicity of your bare face, and let the lens unveil the unique charm that defines you.

$1,250 credit toward image collections

use your deposit toward one of our image collections

You receive a full $1,250 credit toward image collections. Our collections range from $3,000 to $6,500. It is entirely up to you what collection or product you love. Every client has different wants and needs and we offer a variety of products and collections catering to satisfy most of our clients’ wishes and desires.

product design and delivery

At the end, we will carefully design, style and deliver your final portraits and products. We may use the help of some of our best vendors to get these to you. The final portraits will be a masterpiece that will last you a lifetime.

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I invite you to get photographed with Allie Serrano Portraits. This photoshoot will change your life and the portraits we will capture of you will last you a lifetime.

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