No more 6% realtor commission

no more 6% realtor commission

No more 6% realtor commission

The 6% commission on buying or selling a home is gone after Realtors association agrees to seismic settlement

There will be no more 6% realtor commission after realtors association agrees to a seismic settlement, CNN reports today, March 15, 2024. This news will drastically change how real estate agents do business. Reports show that it may create an even more competitive market between real estate agents. As such, it will be even more important for realtors to set themselves apart from their competitors and Allie Serrano Portraits is here to help.

as CNN Reports

Settlement could lead to lower homebuying costs and a more competitive housing market.

“In a sweeping move expected to dramatically reduce the cost of buying and selling a home, the National Association of Realtors announced Friday a settlement with groups of homesellers, agreeing to end landmark antitrust lawsuits by paying $418 million in damages and eliminating rules on commissions.” 

It further explains that: “

The agreement effectively will destroy the current homebuying and selling business model, in which sellers pay both their broker and a buyer’s broker, which critics say have driven housing prices artificially higher.

By some estimates, real estate commissions are expected to fall 25% to 50%, according to TD Cowen Insights. This will open up opportunities for alternative models of selling real estate that already exist but don’t have much market share, including flat-fee and discount brokerages….

This settlement, which is subject to a judge’s approval, opens the door to a more competitive housing market. Realtors could now compete on commissions, allowing for prospective buyers to shop around on rates before they commit to buying a home. Brokers could begin to advertise their fees, allowing customers to choose lower-cost agents. The NAR, in its announcement, did not set a suggested fee.”

You can read the full article here

real estate agents will now compete more than ever

the competition between real estate agents will increase drastically

As a result, real estate agents will most likely begin to compete not only based on commission but also based on their experience and skill level. This means that if you are a realtor who wants to get paid a higher commission, once this settlement is approved by the court, your personal brand will need to reflect your experience and your level of service.
Until now real estate agents could simply focus on marketing the houses they were selling. Going forward, they will need to put themselves out there a lot more than before, and having professionally captured real estate headshots is the best place to start.



Let me help you to outshine your competition and make you look amazing in your marketing. It has been said that most people choose their realtor based on their headshot or profile photo.

Allie Serrano Portraits offers realtor headshots at a special rate where you will come into the studio to be photographed (or at a location of your choosing) and get professionally styled by a makeup and hair stylist so that you look your best when being photographed. Allie will help you pick your 3 best outfits that will capture your shining features and look great on camera, and you will walk away after a 30-45-minute photoshoot with 2 incredible new headshots that you can use for your social media profile photos, your business cards, and more. You can book your realtor headshot here.

In addition, if you need more, you can also book an extended photoshoot with 3-6 outfits, more time to be photographed, multiple locations or backdrops, and more variety in your photos giving you a full branding photoshoot with a set of high-quality images to promote your brand. Many of my clients choose this option. Look into a full photoshoot experience here.

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