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PIN Annual celebration - Happy 10 year anniversary

Every year members of Partners in Network get together for an annual celebration. This year, in 2023, PIN is turning 10 years old in January and Allie Serrano Portraits was there to capture the event. We had a lot of fun and it was incredible to connect with many of you. Thank you all for coming and making the PIN Anniversary Party the best one yet.

Below you can watch Ken as well as all the main speakers from the evening. Allie recorded that for her personal use but then we decided it would be cool to share it, especially for the benefit of those who weren’t able to attend.


THE BEST PHOTO of the night
Will receive
a full PHOTOSHOOT experience
$1,250 value

We want to show that everyone is having a great time. So, to capture the great evening, Allie Serrano will be going around capturing photos of members. Make it fun, silly, and exciting, and make it YOU. After the event, members will vote for the best photo of the evening, and one winner will receive a full photoshoot experience with Allie Serrano Portraits valued at $1,250.


Below is a gallery from the evening. Click on the gallery link, you will be asked for your name and email address to view the images. What we are looking for are photos that capture people having fun, being a bit silly, and showcasing their best smile. How to vote:

  • Sign up to be notified of the winner
  • Access the Gallery
  • Hover over the image you like and click on the heart in the top left corner
  • Or click on the image you like and select “Favorite” in the bottom left corner

What to look for

  • The best smile
  • The funniest pose 
  • The silliest expression
  • People that are having the most fun

deadline by Wed 1/25 by 10pm

Members must have their votes in by Wednesday,  January 25th by 10 pm. The winner will be announced on the subsequent Friday.

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Partners in Network links professionals together to facilitate referral-based business growth. Our members develop strong long-term working relationships based on trust and proven results. PIN hosts weekly meetings where business professionals throughout the Tampa Bay area get together, promote their businesses, and provide each other with quality business referrals.

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