Portrait of a Happy Bride in a White Gown

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Portrait of a Happy Bride

Portrait of a Happy Bride in a White Gown

A Portrait of a Happy Bride is an example of what we can capture for you. Do you hate your bridal portrait? Would you love to have a chance to wear your wedding gown once again? Or do you want to re-create your wedding portrait of a bride?

Let’s do it. First, we will have you wear your gorgeous wedding gown, have your hair and makeup styled by a professional stylist exactly how you had it on your wedding day (or better), and have a fun photoshoot where people style you to look and feel absolutely amazing.

Enter the photoshoot experience with Allie Serrano Portraits, a portrait photography studio in Tampa Bay, FL where we empower men & women with an unforgettable photoshoot experience, capture magazine-style portraits worthy to go on the cover of your favorite magazine and make you look absolutely amazing in images & wall portraits for years to come.

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Allie Serrano

Hi, my name is Allie Serrano. I am a professional portrait photographer. I have worked with many top-producing realtors and other business owners all over Florida and beyond. I am excited to photograph you and capture incredible magazine-quality images for your feature and for your personal business use.
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