Portrait of Linda Walker

the portrait of linda walker

Linda Walker - The Director of House of Hope

Portrait of Linda Walker

Her Photoshoot Experience was amazing

Recently I had the opportunity to capture a branding portrait of Linda Walker. This woman is absolutely amazing!!!
Linda Walker came to my studio with a gift card she won at a silent auction and needed a quick headshot. Of course, she ended up getting the full photoshoot luxury experience, professional makeup by Glow by Natalia, 3 different sets of hair for each look we captured, personalized styling, and a 2-hour branding photoshoot. And after hearing her story, I could not help but be wowed by her story and resolve.
Hear this. Linda as a young woman was a lost soul. Incarcerated as a young woman she was unsure of her future. Then she met Ms. Margaret Palmer who was a volunteer counselor for women serving time in Hillsborough County Correctional Facilities. Ms. Palmer changed her life. Opened her home to her, and gave her a helping hand to start a new life.
the portrait of linda walker

who is Linda Walker

The Director of the House of Hope

Today Linda is a director of Hillsborough House of Hope, founded by Mrs. Palmer, and together The Hillsborough House of Hope helps to give other women the same helping hand she received herself at the start of her journey.
On the organization webpage here is a short write-up about Linda:
Linda Walker is the Program Director at Hillsborough House of Hope Inc., Author of Boundaries ANEW written to assist and guide recovering addicts and alcoholics in everyday life on life term decisions to help keep them on track. Previous Board member of Homeless Coalition, Recipient of the Directors Leadership Award from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, Recipient of the Community Champion Award from Molina Health care, Recipient for the Unsung Heroine Award from the National Coalition of 100 Black Women.
Not only that, Linda is a giver, is very involved in the community, has adopted several children, and with her shinning personality she empowers so many people around her. She is truly fabulous.
Here is one of several headshots I captured of Linda during her photoshoot. See for yourself. She is absolutely amazing!!!
the portrait of linda walker

the Hillsborough house of Hope


(813) 231-5122



Hillsborough House of Hope is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible and will go directly to enhancing the services and programs provided by Hillsborough House of Hope.

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