The Power of Displaying Framed Portrait

The Power of a framed Portrait of Yourself, The Power Of Displaying A Framed Portrait Of Yourself​

The Power of Displaying framed Portrait of Yourself

it is very Powerful to display a portrait of yourself in Your home

Let’s talk about the Power of displaying framed portrait of yourself and why it is actually very powerful and not vain at all to display a portrait of yourself in your home. 

Many people think it is vain to display a portrait of yourself in your home. In this article, we will cover the main reasons why not only it is a good idea but why most definitely should have a portrait of you in your home.

The Power Of Displaying A Framed Portrait Of Yourself​, why should you frame your portraits
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"isn't it vain?"

it is not vain at all - on the contrary

I often hear this from women who are not as confident in their own skin just yet when I approach the subject to display one of their boudoir portraits in her bedroom wall.

What does it mean, to be vain? The definition defines it as being “too proud of your own appearance, abilities, achievements”

But, if you worked very hard on yourself and your self-confidence, why would you not be proud of your hard work? Why would you not display a portrait of you? There is a Power Of Displaying A Framed Portrait Of Yourself.

Be proud of your accomplishments

you should celebrate your hard work

Let’s say that you spent the past 6 months working out every day and eating right. Let’s say that you look and feel amazing, your hard work is paying off, and you are proud of how you look today. 

Why would you not reward yourself after all the hard work and sacrifices you put into your new body, and book a boudoir photoshoot? Why would you not then, display the best portrait on your bedroom wall and be proud of what you accomplished?

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The Power of Seeing Yourself Differently can be life-changing

there is a power in seeing yourself in a different light - in the way that other people see you

I ask my clients if the photoshoot experience changed them in any way, and they all feel the same way when they see the portraits I captured of them. 

It is a life-changing moment. We all have a certain perception of ourselves, we see ourselves in a certain way. Usually, our perception is skewed in some way as well. So to see one self for the first time in the way of what we actually look like, how other people see us, is absolutely life-changing. 

One of my clients have left their abusive boyfriends and started the career she always wanted but was afraid to ask. Another has started to respect and love herself for the first time in decades, thinking she is not worthy. Another has cried feeling appreciated and seen for the first time in her life. 

It is real and it is very powerful.

What if I do not have the courage?

if you are not sure, start small

It doesn’t have to be a wall art piece covering your entire wall. You can start small and get used to seeing yourself on the wall. 

After a while, you realize that it is very cool. You start smiling at yourself, you start getting used to seeing yourself that way, and your perception of yourself changes overtime.

your portrait will live forever

You deserve to love yourself. You deserve to be proud of your accomplishments. You deserve to have a portrait on your wall. You are amazing and the portrait will one day tell your story to next generations to come.

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