What is Your Superpower?

I was recently just listening to a Podcast “The Portrait System Podcast” provided by Sue Bryce Education an episode called Starting Over at 60 and Using Age as Your Superpower, a story of Kitti McMeel as she at the age of 60 started a new business and is using her age as her superpower instead of something to hinder her progress. Feel free to listen to the podcast, it is quite amazing.

Anyway, it got me thinking, what is my superpower? I am not a superhero but if Kittie can use her age as her superpower, I wonder what is mine.

I am just like everyone else, I own a business in which I am involved every day, I have struggles and victories every day just like everyone else, … and here my evil self from my left shoulder would say “what are you thinking? You are no one special”. But, thankfully I have also my confident self on my other shoulder who chimed in with “But wait, you are from the Czech Republic, you come from another world, you are a unique individual with special talents that no one else has. You have many gifts.”

You are right, I said to my confident self. I have many gifts. I have red hair and charming personality, I come from another country, I have a gift to see people. So again, what is my super-power? I see people, I connect with their soul, and as a creative artist, I am able to take what I see and make you shine as you never have in portraits before. Now, I don’t feel that I am nowhere near close to being done using my full potential, but that’s the journey of life for.

So, my question for you is, what is your superpower? What is the one thing you hate about yourself, that you feel is your downfall, and how can you use it to propel you instead? And before you let your evil self bring you down, check with the confident self and listen to that inner voice, because it’s right. You are amazing.