What to Wear to a Photoshoot

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What to wear to a photoshoot

Bring Multiple Options

When you are getting professionally photographed, the first thing you want to do is to bring multiple options to your photoshoot. I suggest bringing at least 3 outfits. This way the photographer has a chance to not only help you select the best outfit that photographs well but also give you more image options at the end.

Avoid Stripes Or Big Patterns

You may love patterns or stripes. It may be your thing. But it is definitely not a thing for a photo camera. Why? Small and busy prints (thinks paisley or small polka dots) can look blurry in images and video. Other patterns like pinstripes, chevron, and plaid are also difficult to see on video and can make your viewers dizzy. You definitely don’t want the viewer of your image to be distracted by your outfit, unless that’s your goal.

What to wear to a photoshoot, avoid stripes, striped shirt
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Wear color

Many of my customers tell me, I love black. Can I just wear a black dress? Well, yes you can, but…. If your point of the photoshoot is to showcase your brand or your personality, unless you are a funeral director, you really want to wear at least some color. If you are outdoors, the right color will make your images pop and that’s exactly what you want. What kind of color? That depends on your style and your seasonal color profile.

This website offers a free online seasonal color profile. I did mine and it matched perfectly.

Bring Textured Outfits

Texture, such as lace, fur, feathers, or detailing, photographs amazingly. It brings a 3d effect to your images, showcases your personality well, and makes your images stand out. Anytime clients put on outfits with texture, it always photographs well.

Vanity Fair styled Photoshoot, textured outfit, tulle skirt

Still don't know What to wear to a photoshoot?

Talk to your photographer

If you hired the right photographer, he or she will guide you to the right outfit for your photoshoot. It will depend on multiple things. A. what style of portrait is it, B. what is the goal of the photoshoot. From there you can together find the perfect outfit.

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