Why should you frame your portraits

The Power Of Displaying A Framed Portrait Of Yourself​, why should you frame your portraits

Why should You Frame Your Portraits

Why Should You Consider Framing Your Portraits and Displaying Them To Look At Every Day

Why should you frame your portraits? In this article, we will cover the main 5 reasons why should you frame your portraits and what are your options for framing and displaying your portraits in your home.

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Increase It's Value

framing your portraits will increase it's value

Framing your portraits can increase their value, especially if they are original works of art or limited edition prints. We are not just talking about the value of the print or enlargement. Framing the wall art, if done correctly, will increase its value over a long period of time and help preserve the art.

You see, one of the reasons we frame portraits is to keep the art intact. Often I have clients find me asking for their prints to be restored. Their art has been discolored from the sun and UV rays, it has been shriveled and warped due to fluctuating temperatures and damaging humidity levels, and the content of the art is disappearing from the page.

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Preserve the Memory

framing your wall art will help preserve the memory

Displaying your images on the wall can also help preserve your memories and experiences. Whether it’s a family portrait, a boudoir portrait of you with your husband, or a series of portraits of you showcasing how amazing you are, seeing these images on a daily basis can help you remember the people, places, and events that are important to you.

You just spent an incredible day with your family and your children being photographed. You had an amazing experience. You have not been photographed as a family for many decades. This family portrait, if framed, will be preserved for many decades, and will forever tell the story of your love for each other.

frame your wall portraits

Increase Your Heritage

increase your heritage by framing your Portraits

Framing your portraits can be a great way to increase your heritage and preserve your family history for future generations. By framing and displaying portraits of your ancestors, you can create a visual family tree that serves as a reminder of your family’s legacy and heritage.

Here are some ways framing your portraits can increase your heritage:

  1. Family history: Framed portraits can help to preserve your family history by creating a visual record of your ancestors. By displaying portraits of your grandparents, great-grandparents, and other relatives, you can create a sense of connection to your family’s past.
  2. Family traditions: Framed portraits can also help to preserve family traditions and customs. By displaying portraits of family members who played an important role in your family’s history, you can create a sense of continuity and tradition that can be passed down to future generations.
  3. Family identity: Framed portraits can also help to reinforce your family’s identity and sense of belonging. By displaying portraits of your ancestors, you can create a sense of pride in your family’s heritage and history, and help to pass that pride down to future generations.

Overall, framing your portraits can be a meaningful way to connect with your family’s past, preserve your family’s history and traditions, and reinforce your family’s sense of identity and belonging.

the gold series

Types of Wall Art

The Gold Series

We offer two types of Wall Art to our customers at the moment, the Gold Series and the Acrylic Series. The Gold Series is more of the traditional Wall Art display. It’s a thin 3/4 inch canvas displaying your favorite portrait framed in a 3 – 4 inch gold wooden frame.

It’s classical and traditional, but also gorgeous. If you love gold, this is going to be your style for sure. For lovers silver, we also offer additional framing colors as well including silver.

The Black Acrylic Series

The black acrylic series is a very glossy and modern Wall Art display. It is an acrylic metal print, or sometimes also what’s called Epic Print, covered in an acrylic glossy top. It is highly reflective and highly modern. To finish the piece we frame it in a black float frame. It’s gorgeous and perfect for a modern home.

Again, we can customize the frame to match your home decor with other frame colors or substitute stainless steel posts instead of the frame.

We always look for an opportunity to add additional products to our product line. So keep in mind that our current offering might change in the future but rest assured that we will always keep it classy, elegant, and long-lasting quality.

the black acrylic series

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