3 Faces of Natalia Barlow

Natalia Barlow is a luxury makeup artist and the owner of Glow with Natalia Barlow. She spends her days giving people the feeling of looking and feeling the best.

When she came to me, we talked about the best way I can capture her portrait to tell her story. She is happy, full of smiles, but also polished and very creative. So, we decided to do 3 different looks. One that of a simple beauty, classical portrait that is designed to make her features stand out.

The second look was more high fashion, designed to showcase her fashion flair and makeup artistry that leads itself to fashion and beauty.

The third look was highly creative. I was inspired by her interest in 20s fashion and so I designed a look that happened quite organically and that really brings out her makeup artistry and creative soul. In the end, all 3 portraits tell her story and I am excited to see how her followers respond to the portraits we created. What do you think? Did we do alright?

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