30th birthday princess photoshoot

30th Birthday Princess Photoshoot

30th Birthday Princess Photoshoot and Product Reveal

30th birthday princess photoshoot, princess pink tulle gown, and incredible empowering photoshoot experience for a young Mercy that will change her life

30th Birthday Photoshoot

Mercy celebrated her 30th Birthday last year. As a gift to herself she scheduled a glamour photoshoot to empower herself and to always remind herself that she is capable of doing anything she ever sets her mind to do. What a perfect gift to celebrate her birthday!!!
Watch the video above and see Mercy’s princess photoshoot experience from start to finish. Follow Allie Serrano as she makes the princess gown, see @Edwinie Francois as she does Mercy’s glowing makeup. During the photoshoot as Allie captures the incredible images, and then finally Mercy receives her wall portrait and the rest of her products.
Such an amazing way to celebrate her 30th Birthday!!! How are you celebrating yours?
30th Birthday Princess Photoshoot and Product Reveal of Mercy by Allie Serrano Tampa Portrait Studio pink tulle gown Mercy Rhames

Princess Photoshoot in Pink tulle Gown

When Mercy and I were looking at my image gallery to find inspiration for her photoshoot, something I always do with my clients so that I know how they want to be photographed, she pointed to an image I captured several years prior of a young woman wearing a princess tulle gown. You can look through my image gallery here

The pink tulle gown she pointed to was of gold color. When I asked Mercy what her favorite color was, she said pink. Of course, I offered to make a new gown for her in pink color so that she can shine as the princess that she is.

This is the image I was referring to:

Boudoir Magazine 2022

Empowering Photoshoot Experience

What I love about this story, about meeting Mercy, is having the opportunity to help her start her 30s in an amazing and empowering way. I love the fact that this photoshoot will transform her next decade of her life if not more. My clients love the experience I offer. And especially, they love the images they see of themselves. Many of them cry, and can’t believe that this is truly them they are looking at. Mercy’s reaction, when I showed her the finalized images, and sometime later also her big wall portrait, was incredible. If you watch her video, you’ll see her reaction.

She could not believe it is really her. She could not believe she actually looks like the lady in a museum somewhere. And having this portrait in her home and looking at it every day will empower her like nothing else I know. This is why I love what I do. 

30th Birthday Princess Photoshoot and Product Reveal of Mercy by Allie Serrano Tampa Portrait Studio pink tulle gown Mercy Rhames

Emotional Product Reveal

Mercy picked the middle package and with it she received 30 digital images (honestly, it is difficult for many of my clients to pick the best ones so they end up getting more). She also got a 23×36 wall portrait framed in gold, and a boudoir album with a glossy acrylic top. Stunning products! As her add-ons she picked a photo of her and Ella to frame and put on her desk, and as a gift I added a 3D small portrait of herself to display or to gift to someone she loves.

Mercy sees her wall portrait and boudoir album for the first time

The experience is worth every penny. It is true that you will spend a good amount of coin with Allie Serrano Portraits, but the portraits along with the experience will last you a lifetime. Mercy will never forget how she felt being celebrated and pampered during the photoshoot. She will never forget the feeling when she saw her images for the first time. And she will most definitely never forget seeing her wall portrait for the first time. And do you know what she said when she was leaving holding her album in her arms?
She said, “I will be back. Give me 5 years and let’s do another photoshoot.”

How are you celebrating Your 30th birthday?

30th Birthday Princess Photoshoot and Product Reveal of Mercy by Allie Serrano Tampa Portrait Studio pink tulle gown Mercy Rhames

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