I am more than just a photographer

Someone asked me recently what is it I do. Well, I said, I am more than just a photographer. Let me tell you:

Self Portrait

I am a business owner – I promote, run, operate, and administer my business

I am a marketing agency for my business – I create and post social media content, I create videos, graphics, websites to promote my business

I am a social media manager – I post my social media posts and stories, post videos, and create graphics to tell the world what I do.

I am a web designer – I designed my own website and I maintain it regularly. It is not a requirement, of course, in order to be a photographer, but I just happened to be good at it.

I am my own SEO agency – Ok this is a new one for me. I haven’t always done my own SEO, but with Covid rise and the amount of networking decreased during the shutdown, I switched my focus on web development and SEO, so I learned how too it and now I do my own SEO too

I am a portrait photographer – I capture incredible unforgettable portraits of my clients who are real people with real-life stories and fears

I am a listener – I connect with my clients, listen to them, hear their concerns, and help them to overcome their hurdles so that I can capture an honest powerful portrait of them and allow them to see themselves how the rest of the world sees them

I am a confidence coach – many of my clients tell me that they have a lot more confidence in themselves after the photoshoot experience – this is the best part for me, this is why I do what I do

I am a wardrobe stylist – I help to style my clients so that they feel confident and amazing when I photograph them

I am a makeup artist – Yes I do apply basic makeup, although I prefer to hire a professional makeup artist, I know how to and have created masterpieces with makeup in many of my portraits

I am a project manager – Each photoshoot is a project I organize, follow up on, manage and put together from start to finish

I am a professional retoucher – After each portrait is captured, I do the photoshop magic and take away little things that the camera picked up that didn’t need to be so upfront and center, I don’t change how people look. It is important to me that every one of my clients not only recognizes themselves but also love how they look in photographs

I am a salesperson – Yes I do sell although I am more of a people person, not a salesperson. I offer options and I help my clients to make the right decision when it comes to the products and portraits

I am a networker – As I have been growing my business I learned the skill of networking. The act of connecting with various business owners and I LOVE connecting them with those I know to help them grow their business.

I am a lighting expert – I have learned the skills of using natural and artificial light to sculpt the bodies of my clients and highlight their best features

I am a posing expert – I have learned the skill of posing various body shapes in order to create the perfect portrait

And finally, I am a friend. Many if not all my clients become my friends and I theirs, we connect, we help each other, and we create a community of powerful individuals all of which I had a great privilege of impacting in a small but powerful way.

So, when you ask me, what do I do, it is a lot more than just a simple photographer. But the best part is that I enjoy every one of those parts of what I do. I would not have it any other way.