Michael J Mikuliza, MBA

Michael J. Mikuliza, MBA, came to me to be photographed through a good friend of mine and marketing PR Director on call, Carolyn Eastman. Feel free to read more about her here:

Carolyn Eastman: Marketing Director on Call

What started as a simple headshot session quickly turned into a creative portrait of someone who has a history in the creative arts as well as photography and who is well known in Tampa Bay television and business marketing circles.

Michael is a food critic, a food and product photographer, builds websites, and offers business writing services. But that’s just the tipoff the iceberg that Michael is capable of.

Michael is known for his role as a sales manager at WTSP-TV. He works with Tampa Bay Business & Wealth Magazine and served on the Board of Directors for Tampa Bay Watch. He also volunteers with the Gasparilla Concours D’Elegance and is helping with the Alzheimer’s Gala.

In his early years, he started in the marketing communications office of an advertising agency, Bozell Worldwide.

In his own words, “I worked on the Chrysler, Little Ceasars Pizza, and Florida Lottery accounts. It was a cool place, filled with young professionals who had a passion for marketing. While working there, I learned so much about marketing, psychology, and people. It gave me a solid foundation and network for a career in the industry.

During that time, I earned an MBA from USF, working during the day and going to school at night. It took me four years to complete the program, but I have always loved learning new things and enjoyed the experience. Unfortunately, I had to pay for my MBA myself. I still had some student loan debt from my undergrad degree at the University of Florida. Bozell didn’t pay well so I took my first job in media sales to make more money.”

Feel free to read his full story on his website here


My Story

When I asked Michael how he wants to be photographed, he said a branding headshot of course, you can see samples in the gallery above. We talked about capturing the modern-style branding portrait featuring his true personality.

But he also expressed he’d like a second set of images all black and white with various expressions showcasing his personality range. You see Michael has the ability to give you 100 different expressions. Most people just have 1 or 2 expressions but Michael wanted to showcase the many different aspects of who he has, and so that’s exactly what we did. See for yourselves. I will also add that we selected only the best in the gallery below. There were many others we did not include.

If you’d like to retain Michael for any services, feel free to click through to his website and reach out to him there or reach out to him below.

Thank you, Michael, for choosing Allie Serrano portraits as your portrait photographer studio and for having me capture your branding portraits. It was a pleasure working with you. If you ever are in need of my portrait services in the future, all you have to do is call.

Cell: 727-249-2749

Email: michael@sandkeyventures.com



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