Photographer Sarasota Florida

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Photographer Sarasota Florida

Your personal Celebrity Photoshoot as captured by Allie Serrano Portraits

Are you looking for a photographer Sarasota Florida? Welcome to Allie Serrano Portraits where you will get inspired by branding images captured of realtors and business owners in the greater Sarasota area.

Get inspired by a Sarasota portrait gallery below especially if you are looking to book a photoshoot with us. Are you a realtor in need of stepping above your competition? Are you a business owner in the greater Sarasota area in the middle of enhancing your brand and getting ready to do more marketing and advertising? How about a family who wants to have a portrait captured near you?

You are in the right place. Allie Serrano Portraits specializes in magazine-style portraits that empower you to look your best in your photoshoot, and capture the best images you’ve seen of yourself. We are excited to connect with you and start planning your photoshoot.

Photographer Sarasota Florida Locations

What are the best locations to capture the best portrait featuring Sarasota background

Sarasota, Florida, offers a beautiful backdrop for a photoshoot with its stunning beaches, lush gardens, and vibrant arts scene. Here are ten of the best locations for a photoshoot in Sarasota:

  1. Siesta Key Beach: Known for its fine white sand and clear turquoise waters, Siesta Key Beach is a popular spot for beach photoshoots, especially during sunset.
  2. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens: This botanical garden features a variety of beautiful plants and themed gardens, making it an excellent choice for nature-inspired photoshoots.
  3. Ringling Museum of Art: The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art offers a picturesque setting with its historic mansion, lush grounds, and the stunning Ca’ d’Zan mansion on Sarasota Bay.
  4. Lido Beach: Lido Beach provides a quieter and more natural beach backdrop compared to Siesta Key, with dunes and sea oats creating a lovely coastal scene.
  5. Myakka River State Park: This expansive park offers opportunities for photos in a natural, wild setting, including wetlands, forests, and the iconic treetop canopy walkway.
  6. Downtown Sarasota: The charming streets of downtown Sarasota feature colorful buildings, unique architecture, and vibrant street art, making it perfect for urban-style photoshoots.
  7. Sarasota Bayfront Park: This park offers panoramic views of Sarasota Bay, the Ringling Bridge, and the Sarasota skyline, making it a great location for waterfront shots.
  8. Celery Fields: A surprising landscape in Sarasota, the Celery Fields are a series of berms and ponds with a boardwalk for bird watching and beautiful vistas.
  9. Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium: If you’re interested in marine life, Mote Marine offers opportunities to photograph various aquatic creatures and marine-themed exhibits.
  10. Historic Spanish Point: This historic site features beautifully preserved buildings, gardens, and scenic waterfront views, offering a glimpse into Sarasota’s history.

Remember to check the specific photography policies and any permit requirements for these locations, and be respectful of any rules or guidelines to ensure a successful photoshoot. Additionally, the time of day can significantly affect your photos, so consider sunrise or sunset for the best lighting conditions.

Photographer Sarasota Florida Gallery

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