Women over 40 Photoshoot

women over 40 also deserve to be celebrated

40 and fabulous photoshoot

Women over 40 photoshoot, also known as 40 and fabulous photoshoot, is all about celebrating you, ladies, in the best years of your life. This is your time to shine. You deserve to be celebrated and I am here to capture portraits of you so that together we can tell the world how incredible we are, even after 40. I turned 43 this year and I can’t wait to meet you and have you join me in this gallery of incredible women.

allie serrano

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Allie Serrano

Hi Ladies, my name is Allie Serrano and I live in the Tampa Bay area for 24 years now. I am originally from the Czech Republic and with my boyfriend Pierre Henry, we live in Apollo Beach together with our 4 cats.

As the owner of a portrait photography studio, Allie Serrano Portraits, my goal is to show men and women that they don’t have to hide anymore. I was bullied as a child for having red hair and it made me feel very self-conscious, so I can relate to not feeling good enough and not wanting to put yourself out there.

But I am here to tell you that you are absolutely amazing. What you see as your biggest fault is actually your biggest source of beauty. Look at my big hair for instance. I used to be laughed at for having red hair as a kid, and now it’s one of the things that makes me shine. 

I turned 43 this year and I as continue to embrace the 40s, I am realizing that this is the time to shine. Not just mine, but all of us ladies who are 40+. It is time to show the world that we are beautiful, smart, intelligent women who can do anything we set our minds to. So I invite you to join me on this wonderful photoshoot experience where you are seen and where you feel great about yourself. 

As I capture your beautiful portraits, my goal is to ensure that every portrait you proudly display on your wall captures your laugh and your amazing personality and shows the world exactly how wonderful you are. Let’s do it together. I can’t wait to meet you and start your photoshoot experience with you.

Allie Serrano

Every Woman Should Experience This

what's Included in the Photoshoot

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40 and Fabulous Photoshoot Experience

I personally invite you to be photographed in my studio and Receive special perks

You will walk away feeling confident and happy with your new portraits. I can’t wait to photograph you!

  1. Initial Phone Call 
  2. Planning and Styling Consultation 
  3. Professional Hair & Makeup
  4. 3-Hour Photoshoot 
  5.  3-6 Outfits to be photographed in
  6. $50 shopping credit with Styles by Allie
  7. Next-Day Photo Reveal Appointment
  8. Signature Image Retouching (I make everyone look good)
  9. Product Design & Delivery
  10. Bronze Portrait Collection (6x 5×7 Beautiful Portraits + 6x digital portraits) or 8×12 Wall art
  11. Option to purchase additional images or upgrade to one of our Product Collections if desired

Our Guarantee

Enjoy The photoshoot Experience

Be your true authentic self in your photos

Love all your images

capture your story and your legacy

$3,000 Value
You Pay $2,400

Because you were invited by Allie Serrano herself, you are receiving special special perks. 

First, you are receiving a luxury photoshoot experience which  includes a 3-hour studio photoshoot, professional hair and makeup styling, multiple looks and outfits, my signature retouching.
You are also receiving a Bronze Portrait Collection of 6x small prints and 6 digital portraits or 1x 8×12 wall art. The value if this entire experience is $3,000. 
If you are coming from out of town, I will also include a 2-night stay at a local hotel for those that want to come to Florida for a mini vacation to be photographed with me. I am able to travel as well. 
As a gift to you, I will offer this amazing phoshoot experience at $2,400 total. 1/2 would be payable on booking and the 2/2 after the photoshoot during the image review. There is an opportunity to upgrade to get more images and additional products as well. 

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I invite you to get photographed with Allie Serrano Portraits. This photoshoot will change your life and the portraits we will capture of you will last you a lifetime.

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Book Your Photoshoot Today

I invite you to get photographed with Allie Serrano Portraits. This photoshoot will change your life and the portraits we will capture of you will last you a lifetime.

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