You are Not alone – Lets get through the Corona Virus together

In these times of uncertainty, I’d like to shine some positive light into our lives even just a bit. Just as Italians are signing songs from balconies of their homes and are playing music to lift up their spirits, we too need to do the same. Corona Virus will come and gone, and together we too will get through this.

Many of you have children home from school. Let’s have fun for one day, do a photoshoot of your children and your family. I will come to you, we can even invite the neighbors, the children will love it, have a good time, and we can even include the adults to give you a beautiful family portrait. I won’t charge you the sitting fee, just the images you keep or the portrait’s you’ll hang on your wall.

Photographic Oil Painting is a combination of photography and painting resulting in an original and moving portrait that captures your extraordinary soul and your love for those you care about the most, your family and pets

Do you own a business and are worried about your future? I’ll come to your place of business and let’s capture some incredible story-filled behind the scenes images, a day in the life of you, and use them for your social media profiles to tell your customers that you are still here to serve them. Again, just pay for the images you want to use, a fraction of the regular cost.

Client: Jennifer Henius and Patricia Harris with Celtic Realty, Producer & Director: Madison Thayer, Director of Photography: Nick Unfold, Video & Drone Operator: Jake Jalbert, BTS Photographer: Allie Serrano

Are you worried about losing a loved one or getting sick? Send me an image you love via email and I’ll turn it into a gorgeous painting for you, I’ll have it put on canvas, have it framed and I’ll send it back to you without you leaving the home. This portrait will remind you that you are surrounded by love and support. You are NOT Alone. The price is nothing compared to the value it will bring.

We all have options. Let’s stand together, do what we can to help each other, sing songs along the way, and together we will get through anything.

Allie Serrano