Allie Captures Portraits for Candidates of Tampa Bay Job Links


Tampa Bay Job Links (TBJL) is a non profit organization that provides individuals with career and drops search coaching and local employers with qualified candidates.

So if you are ever facing a career change,  Tampa Bay job links will not only help and coach you in multiple areas, but they will also work with you and assist you with finding a new job or a new career.

Because employers are now including social media as a part of their background search,  Having a captivating professional business portrait on your Facebook or Instagram can make a big difference and it can be the one determining factor for you to gets the job.

This is why Allie Serrano has donated her time earlier today  And captured portraits off 14 individuals who are in this exact situation as a give back to the community.”I love being able to help the community and specifically TBJL. I know that one day if I needed help, this organization and others in the community would be there and help me to get back on my feet. Thank you for the opportunity and I am happy to help