Bridal Portraits Separate From the wedding day

Bridal Portraits

Bridal portraits are a special photoshoot separate from the actual wedding day. Think of it as a test run of the hair, makeup, dress, jewelry, and flowers before the big day. These portrait sessions are different from engagement photos.

bridal portraits

What are Bridal Portraits

If you’re only planning one day of photos in your dream dress—the wedding day—you’re missing out. Bridal portraits are a dry-run for the big day; they’re a wedding-day stress reducer, a reassuring run-through, and an excuse to wear your gown more than once. That’s why many brides favor this wedding tradition.

Have you watched Sex In the City the Series? Do you remember the episode of Sarah Jessica Parker being photographed for Vogue as the Bride in her 40s? That’s a type of Bridal Portrait. It can be a portrait of you, or of you with your fiance, and it is a great way to capture portraits of the two of you without the stress of the wedding day itself. As points out, here is the official description of What is a Bridal Portrait:

Definition: Bridal portraits are photos taken several months before the wedding where brides don their dresses for a solo photoshoot in a location of their choice. The bride can gift print portraits to her parents and/or spouse or even display them as décor at the reception.

bridal portraits separate from the wedding day

Sure, bridal portraits are yet another add-on, but brides and photographers swear by them for a number of reasons. Even the most perfectly planned wedding can get a bit chaotic; since wedding-day bridal portraits are often taken during those crunch-time moments—just before leaving for the ceremony or right ahead of the reception, during couple photos—relying solely on wedding-day bridal portraits may leave you feeling rushed and stressed out.

At the same time, separate bridal portraits give you the flexibility to have fun and be creative. I love the idea of just thinking about that. We could create all kinds of wonderful bridal portraits for you and your loved one, styled just for you. Also, it is a good way to give your family a portrait to walk away with from the Wedding Day, that’s not just a selfie captured with their cell phone or a link with the gallery several months later.

The types of Bridal Portraits






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