J’Nelle: The Story of My Self Love

Janelle “J’Nelle” Richardson is an inspirational leader/musician and continues to persevere through obstacles as she becomes a star on the rise. Her passion and gift for music she developed at a young age. As a vocal producer, singer/songwriter, she uses her gifts to encourage others and to inspire art and confidence in us all. 

When we first posted about Love the Skin You’re In, J’Nelle was excited to be a part of it. She has always struggled with self-confidence, like most of us ladies, and after her 31 birth date she said it is time to love yourself again. See her amazing story of self-love via a boudoir photoshoot captured by Allie Serrano.

PS: She has also given her permission to use her music to accompany this video so make sure you look her up to see more of it.

J’Nelle Music

What do you think? Isn’t she amazing? I absolutely love helping women to be as amazing as they are. So Confidence is definitely my thing. Why? Mainly because I haven’t always been confident myself as a child. Yes, it’s a long story LOL But back to J’Nelle, let’s see some of her images so that we all can get inspired