Why is it so scary to be photographed?

Why is it so scary to be photographed? How do you overcome your fear?

Why is it so scary to be photographed? How do you overcome your fear?

Being photographed can be one of the scariest things you have or will ever do. Some of my clients compare it to going to a dentist. It reflects not only in a photoshoot setting but also in business as you are growing your personal or commercial brand, as well as in your personal relationships.

Some of you don’t even have that issue. Those of you who are daily active with your social media profiles and are practicing posing daily, you may have no fear when it comes to being photographed and putting yourself out there. But most of the rest of you will have some level of anxiety when it comes to that. It may go as far as you not wanting to be front and center at all. There are those of us who don’t exist in photos at all, which is a shame.

So, let’s talk about what does that look like, how it may impact your life, and how to overcome it.

What's so scary about being photographed

The Attention is All On You

It may be very scary for the attention to be all on you. You may be very uncomfortable with the focus being all on you and not a bit on anyone else. If you are a mom, and you have developed a skill of hiding behind your children, you know exactly what that feels like.

You don’t know what to do with yourself

Unless you practice posing every day (for work, modeling, or capturing selfies for social media), you don’t know how to pose yourself. Where do I put my hands? How do I sit or stand to look natural? Even I need guidance with the person photographing me not knowing what they see on the side of the camera. So, having someone guide you and pose you in a way that looks natural but highlights your best features, is important. And having a professional portrait photographer guide you during a photoshoot is what you will receive during a photoshoot with me.

You are concerned about your expression

Anytime the camera focuses on you, it is confusing to most people not knowing whether to put on a fake smile or be real. I’ve been there, trust me. It’s one of the reasons I became a portrait photographer, so I don’t ever have to be behind it. But, it backfired. Owning my own business forced me to be more and more in front of the camera. LOL So now what? Well, I guess I might as well be real, right? Have you ever watched a video where the person is fake, has on a front, and you feel like you are not getting the person behind the vail? So, for that reason, it is important to let yourself relax as much as possible when you are being photographed.

It is even more so during a video shoot. Usually, when I let go completely, go behind my rehearsed lines, and show my fear, shame, and laugh, that’s when the camera loves me the most. So, if I can give you any advice at all, let it all hang out. Trust your photographer to capture your best features, and enjoy the process.

There may be multiple reasons for being scared to be in front of the camera. The fear of being judged, the fear of not knowing how to pose yourself, the fear of having someone see straight into your soul, the fear of expression, the fear of always being perfect, or any social anxieties as a result of the same.

Boudoir & Glamour Portraits, Boudoir photographer, Boudoir, Glamour, before and after,
Before and After of Gila in her 50s for her Transformational Boudoir Glamour Portrait

How does it impact your business and personal life

So if I am never in front of the camera, I hide behind my partner, my business, or my children, it’s all good, right? I don’t ever have to worry about it? WRONG!

The same fear that’s making you run away from the camera is the same fear that’s guiding you in your love life or your personal life. How is that possible?

Picture this. A woman, in her mid 30s, with pretty face and a gorgeous smile, but feels like she has too extra pounds on her and hates the way she looks. It’s making her hide in photos and is afraid of putting herself out there. She is on various dating sites. But, because most of those are image-first, she has only put 1-2 images on her profile and neither is showing her true self. The fake wall she has put up is front and center, and as a result of that, any inquiries she is getting are of men who are just looking for a quick hook-up, and not a real connection.

Or, another example. Picture a woman in her mid-40s. She has 2 children, has started a business, and is having a hard time getting any post reactions or clicks. She is frustrated and confused. The issue here is that because she is hiding behind away from the camera, she is posting images of anything other than her true self, and that’s the only thing that will make her business run. Unless she puts herself really out there with all of her flaws (which are her biggest strengths by the way), since she is the face of her brand, it will never grow into anything real.

It may have other effects too. You may not ask for the raise you deserve and continue getting paid peanuts at work. You may settle for a guy that’s treating you unfairly because you are afraid of saying NO. You may never go after the life you’ve always wanted because you are afraid of someone seeing the real you, or judging you for your actions. Your fears are blocking you from ever Living the life you deserve. So, this is not just about a photoshoot. This is about seeing the real you and loving it.

JNelle Smiling for her Business Branding Portrait Headshot
JNelle Smiling for her Business Branding Portrait

How to overcome your fear

Ok, so now that I know this is VERY important, what do I do about it?

The good news is, knowing is half the battle. Now that you are aware, you can start taking action to fix it.

What is your Fear?

The first thing is first, dig deep, journal, talk to a friend, or just to yourself, whatever works for you, but put it out there discovering what is it that you are the most afraid of. What is your fear? There may be multiple things that come up for you.

For me, it was the fear of being laughed at and humiliated. You see, having red hair has put me as an outsider starting when I was very young. Kids laughed at me because I looked and behaved differently than they did. I was also in a special class for the school signing quire. So among the 36 girls and 4 boys, I was definitely the one who stood out the most.

Get some help

So, now that you know what you fear the most of, you can do one of few things. You can get a help of a counselor to help talk you through your fears, you can enlist the help of a hypnotherapist to dig even deeper to the root of your fear or even past-life regression. Perhaps your fear goes well beyond what you may think.

If you are in Tampa Bay Area, look up Dr. Hayden Sutherland, the owner of Essential Balance Wellness Center. He is excellent. Tell him Allie sent you.

Or you can find an energy healer who can work with you healing you from the inside out. My good friend Hana Novakova with Nova Beauty Center, can help you there.

Find someone Trustworthy to Listen To You

Sometimes it is as simple as being heard. You may already know the answers of what do you. Believe me, most people do. So, find someone you trust, a best friend, or even a new friend, someone whom you trust that will keep your secrets safe, and tell them how you feel. What are you feeling? What’s causing your fear? Did someone hurt you? Did you hurt someone else? Did someone make you feel bad? What’s hurting you on the inside?

Schedule a Healing and transformational Photoshoot

The other thing you can do is schedule a consultation and a photoshoot with me. Why? Because I can help. There is something about experiencing a photoshoot for the first time in my studio that’s very healing. First, I guide you every step of the way. I love planning things out and I don’t leave any stone unturned. We talk about who you are, how do you want to be photographed, what are your best features, and what are the features you don’t love so much. We also plan what you will wear, jewelry, accessories, what’s the best way to feature the message you are trying to send with your portrait, and I will guide you during the photoshoot as well. You can trust me. I’ve got you. You can read more about The Photoshoot Experience here.

A Boudoir Portrait Photoshoot Experience with Sarah with Psoriasis

Schedule a private call with me and let's talk in private about how I can help you further

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