Bridal and Wedding Portraits

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Bridal Portraits, wedding Portraits, & Wedding Photography

Welcome to Allie Serrano Portraits capturing your Bridal Portraits, Wedding Portraits, as well as Wedding Photography. This is your biggest day of your life, one that is worth memorializing and one that you will always cherish. What better way to remember your day than by a quality wedding photography AND a portrait of the bride as well as a wedding portrait from the day itself. We got you covered. Read a short article below on the description of each type of service. 

Engagement Session

engagement session

The engagement session captures the love between the couple shortly after the actual engagement. We can plan our schedule with yours to capture the surprise or schedule a separate day for your photoshoot.

Bridal Portraits

Bridal portrait

Bridal portraits are captured several weeks before the wedding. It is a solo photoshoot of the bride in a different or the main wedding dress. Portraits or prints of the bride can be great gifts to the family during the wedding.

Wedding Photography

The Wedding Day is one of the most important days of a bride’s life, aside from her children being born. Memorable wedding photography captures all the best moments and more.

Vow Renewal & Anniversary

Valentines Day photoshoot, why couples book valentines day photoshoot,

Re-create your original wedding portrait. Who would not want to get back in the wedding dress that you usually wear only once in your life? Are you renewing your wows? Let’s capture your happiness in a portrait.


What’s the pricing of a wedding photoshoot? It depends on the type of photoshoot you are interested in. Each client has different needs. We will give you a detailed breakdown once we meet for a consultation. We can even create a custom package to fit your needs if you are booking more than one session at the same time.