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If you could inspire others with an act of kindness, would you? Allie Serrano and other community members have accepted this challenge. Watch what happened.

If you could inspire others with a small act of kindness, would you?

In December of 2018 Fulfill your Destiny launched it’s “Hero Challenge” asking citizens to perform one act of kindness. Here is the story of cummunity members who accepted the “Hero Challenge.”

Crystal Bailes, Founder of GEMS, Girls Empowered For Success: “Mercedes is extro-ordinary. We met her when MaKai was about one years old and so she was not independent at that time.”

Mercedes was a foster child and a graduate of the GEMS Program. She has experienced a lot of trauma in her life.

“She is on track to becoming an attorney and so we wanted to do whatever we can do make that dream come true.

Enter the studio of Allie Serrano. She treated Mercedes to a Queen For A Day makeover and photoshoot and her first family portrait.

Kris De La Renta, Owner of KDLR Beauty Labs as a professional makeup artist did the makeup on Mercedes, she has never had professional makeup done before.

During the consultation Allie learned that Mercedes’ young son had his own dream. He wants to be a law enforcemenet officer when he grows up. And then a little more magic happened.

Allie’s gift to him was a mini PD uniform, and a very special officer from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department suprirised the boy at the photoshoot with an official JR Deputy Badge.

“And the copy was real cool”, said the boy right after. “This is my favorite thing ever” he said holding up the star up in the air.

Mercedes along with her two children had her first family portrait captured. Do you feel special? Allie asked at the end of the day. “Yeah” was Mercedes’ reply with a big smile on her face.

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See the images Allie Captured during this session.


Fulfill Your Destiny is a Tampa 501C3 dedicated to giving citizens who have survived advertisty a second change. our HERO’s for today’s act of kindness included:

Crystal Bailes, Founder of GEMS, Girls Empowered Mentally For Success

Alpha House of Tampa

Allie Serrano, Owner of Allie Serrano Portraits, LLC

Kris De La Renta, Owner of KDLR Beauty Labs

Hillsborough County Sherrif’s Department

Carolyn Eastman, Owner of Marketing Director On Call

South Tampa Chamber

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