Allie Serrano in Centro Tampa

In April of 2019 a story was published in Centro Tampa, a magazine inserted inside Tampa Bay Times, a newspaper local to Tampa Bay. Written in Spanish, it talks about Allie’s accomplishments and her giving back into the community.

Google translated the article as written below:

By Juan Carlos Chavez

She recalls in detail his early dedication and love of photography. Taking pictures and everyday stories was transformed in a task that polished with mastery and opened field in the world of modern art. But it was the sudden death of one of her best friends, at 35 years old, what motivated Serrano to take another step in his work and devoted himself, approximately three years ago, to portraying voluntary to all kinds of people with the purpose of capturing his legacy and preventing they are forgotten.

“I thought it would be important to have the portrait of those you love and that you consider in a special way, “said Serrano, 38 years old. “Because you do not know if Someday, anybody, they will stop being with you or by your side “.

The fact of having lost the friend of all my life and not having a portrait that perpetuated it in time, caused a great sorrow and commotion in Serrano. But At the same time he was awakened by the need to help people with their portraits and give them a new impulse in their lives.

In his workshop in downtown Tampa, Serrano works with photographs that she retouches with Renaissance style and delineates with fine brushes and colors. That style that conveys his portraits reach organizations and humanitarian aid groups at scale with which Serrano works and offers its good hand in a totally voluntary way. Serrano’s social range is broad and nourished: photograph women and mothers and single women who are looking for a second chance in life and wish to reintegrate into the working world, even young people with few resources that want to fulfill a dream and children with Down syndrome who smile at life and turn out to be a source of inspiration for all. The contribution and contribution it makes Serrano with these organizations make her feel totally full, she explained.

“I do it with the satisfaction of being able to capture the people with their best looks and who can feel really good every time they observe their own image “,said Serrano. “Many forget how valuable what we are and what we mean for others people around us. “Devotion and solidarity work Serrano are widely recognized in groups like Gigi Foundation Children Down Syndrome, Fulfill Your Destiny and

Tampa Bay-Job-Links. This last group works as a support community where people acquire skills relevant during the search period of employment and professional transition. Its executive director, Sheila Solomon Rudd said that the contribution of Serrano represents a differential element for the objectives set.

“Since December 2017, thanks to Allie, our non-profit organization has could offer quarterly sessions that They provide professional photos to those looking for a job. Allie donates one day, every three or four months, to transform our South Tampa office in a studio photographic, “said Solomon. She added that the images he captures Serrano are carefully designed to reflect the professional behavior of the person and his authentic personality.

“She has the ability to bring out the best of each: develop your confidence and train it, “Solomon said. “We are very grateful for Allie, who is willing to give their time and talent to help others”.

Carolyn Eastman, representative and volunteer of Fulfill Your Destiny, described valuable and unique the selfless help that Serrano offers “Unlike many other great artists and photographers, Allie Serrano has a great skill, and that is to give confidence to the person who is portraying and doing it feel good, “Eastman said.

Fulfill Your Destiny helps people whose careers or life professions have been seen altered by injuries or other unforeseen circumstances. The entity collaborates especially with survivors who live with a traumatic brain injury (TBI, for its acronym in English). Eastman added that Serrano’s touch and professionalism are essential complements for Fulfill Your Destiny.

“She is very creative and manages to create jobs that, beyond the physical image, they achieve also express the spiritual part, “he said Eastman “Their mission is to make the people and really makes it possible. “

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