Behind The Scenes of A Reflexology Master In Action

Cody Rickett is a massage therapist and a reflexologist in Tampa, FL. Feel free to learn more about him on his website He is also a graduate of The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute and follows Sam Belyea’s teachings.


Most of you know me as a portrait photography capturing in-studio masterpiece portraits. However, on occasion, I get hired to do other types of portraits. Recently, I had a chance to photograph Cody in action and captured some amazing behind the scene shots and close-ups of Cody Rickett at work.

I have to share with you, I had a chance to experience both services Cody offers (massage therapy and reflexology) and I highly recommend Cody for any pains and body aches you might have. I keep my stress in my upper back and recently it has been very tight giving me headaches. I reached out to Cody and see if anything can be done. Cody was not only able to fix the back pain but he was also able to clear up my headache. I am thrilled! Thank you, Cody 🙂


Cody Rickett


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