Rachel Revill Story

“My name is Rachel Revill. I am the owner and the chief solutions officer with PerfecTiming Concierge. We make everyone’s life so much easier by being your other hand if you are someone who wishes to clone yourself or you had extra hands, we are the individuals for you.

We work with busy professionals, who are very busy wearing numerous hats and don’t have the time to do everything that they want to do or need to do or don’t know how to do and we go alongside them and do those things for them so that they can continue to do the things that are the most important to them: scale their business, spend some time with their family and friends, travel, make life so much easier.

I love that I, my staff, we get a chance to be a blessing to someone every day and every day is an adventure.”

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What got you started in the business?

“I started many years ago I was a wedding event planner and my very first wedding I was hired to do the makeup for a client and then I was asked to plan the wedding, by the coordinator for the wedding. It was my first one, did exceptionally well, and from that wedding, I started getting opportunities to do other events, other meetings… I remember walking into a client’s home and there were boxes along the foyer and 3 or 4 months later there were more boxes in the foyer. And so, me being the one who wants to know what’s going on I asked “What’s going on? These were here when I was here a few months ago.

And I discovered that there were physicians that traveled a lot, they were very busy, and those boxes were items that needed to be returned, didn’t have time to return purchases, certain things that needed to be done, repairs, and I said “well, I’ll do it, I’ll take care of it.” I’d hear clients not pay their bills on time because they were so busy.

And eventually I started running errands and I loved it. And what I loved more was hearing those clients say thank you so much. It’s made big difference in my life. I don’t have to worry about food not being home because we’d grocery-shop for them. Actually, my clients have caused the business to evolve from being an errand service to be a full-service lifestyle management company.”

Rachel’s Story

“We all have 24 glorious hours every day and what we do with that day is up to us. “ We can choose to invest wisely in our relationships, in our business, in what’s important to us, or we can spend it on buying things or doing things that are not life-giving. “

“Three weeks before my dad passed away I had an event that occurred in my life that according to friends should have taken me out. It is truly by the Grace of God I am here because I don’t remember what happened or how it happened. I just remember waking up fighting for life.” She spent a few days in the hospital getting various tests done and then she got a call from one of her sisters with bad news saying her dad is passing away.

“I don’t know how I was going to get home because I couldn’t drive. Thanks to my wonderful friends who helped me within 24 hours, I was able to get home to Georgia.” She found her dad in the hospital resting in his last moments but she found herself getting sick all of the sudden. “I feel I am getting sick and I said, I can’t be here in the hospital, but I knew I didn’t want to leave dad. I went home, and I laid down and while I am there I am saying I don’t want to be here without my dad. I feel my body just sick. Using the power of words I began to say that I am well, that I am healed, that I am strong, and I began to speak really what I call life into my body. And the more I said that she is strong and healthy, the more I felt my body to change and the strength was beginning to rise. This didn’t happen instantly, as I laid there, but gradually I started to feel better.”

“I also started to hear words as if my dad no longer here. And it as if I needed to write these words. And I wasn’t ready. But I knew I needed to so eventually I got up and I started writing, things about my dad, who he was, the man that he was, the father that he was, the pastor, the teacher, the entrepreneur. So, I was writing these words that I heard in my heart.” The words she wrote ended up being his Eulogy.

“I got back to the hospital and within I believe maybe an hour or so, my two sisters and my niece and nephew were there, and I am standing over my dad’s bed with my hand on his chest and just like my dad had told us, who was a very spiritual man, who knew god and had relationship with God, had told us that he wanted to pass away in his sleep peaceful, and just as peaceful and glorious as he wanted it to be, he took a breath and he was gone. It was so peaceful that we, my sister said, is dad gone? Because it was like he was sleeping.”

To be able to be a part of the loss of her precious dad and to fight for her own life, throughout this experience Rachel learned how precious life is. Several months later she was given the Business Builder Grant award by Karen Mertes with the Fulfill Your Destiny foundation as a second chance to build the life she always wanted. “Treasure every moment of life. Enjoy your children, your family, your loved ones. Do what you love, be grateful every day. because what we do with these 24 hours is, we should be thankful.”

The Business Builder Grant

“Fulfill Your Destiny is a wonderful organization that raises funds to give people a second chance in life. I was awarded the Business Builder Grant and I was so surprised; there were many tears of joy, happiness, surprise, gratefulness. That $1,000 I was granted was a lifesaver for me, a god-sent for my business at the time.”

Because of her health and her father’s passing the year before, her business has declined and the grant came in just the right time for Rachel to make a fresh start. “I needed help to write a proposal to take my business to a new level and so with that money I was able to hire an expert in my industry to help me write that proposal, which was phenomenal. What I learned, the experience and relationships that I had gained, and putting that proposal together and presenting that to the organization was phenomenal.”

“When Karen had asked me to come back to the organization and talk about the grant and how beneficial it was for me, the value it had given to my life, I said yes because I wanted everyone to know that even if life throws you curve balls sometimes, you have a choice. I had the choice to allow the pain to knock me down for a moment or I could be grateful, and I chose to be grateful because I knew that everything was going to be fine”

Today Rachel is back in full swing and her business is thriving like never before.

Rachel Revill
The PerfecTiming Concierge

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