Why Should You Frame Your Portrait?

As a portrait photographer, my goal is to see the masterpiece portraits I capture of you hanging on your wall for many years ahead. To make it easier, I offer to frame your portraits and give you a final product that you can just hang on your wall.

As a historical side-note, one of the earliest frames was discovered in Egypt dating back to 2nd century A.D. This portrait was still within its wooden frame stored in a tomb and it suggests it may have been hung in owner’s homes even back then. The first carved wooden frame as we know it today was in twelfth and thirteen century Europe and it was carved all from one piece.

Italian Renaissance frame, The Annunciation Lucca c1500

So, as you can see, even back then people understood the importance of framing a portrait. It gives it its strength and stability, it helps for the portrait to last a long time, but there is also something about a framed portrait which brings it to life. If you select the right frame, it makes the entire piece come together. I bet you that if I show you a canvas portrait or a photo print and then next to that a finished framed portrait, you will say Wow and you will want it framed. Also for no other reason than because it saves you time to go to the framer and spend the additional time and resources on getting the portrait finished.

Having come from Europe, I choose my frames carefully. The frames I use are made in the heart of Europe, meticulously finished by and from master craftsmen with decades of experience. We choose only the best hand selected frames that are made from scratch. We do not use the less expensive molding frames.

The goal is for you to have a lasting portrait and what better way is there to finish it off then with a beautiful old European frame? These are just sample corners but as you can see, I offer a selection of frames and I guarantee you that you will find something you like that will work for your home decor and the portrait.

And as an example, here is an example of what your room might look like:


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